Early Spring at the River Banks

Again I’m sorry to disappoint you, my dear readers! But I firmly believe in rather writing posts not in time but whole-heartedly than in time but half-heartedly. And so after sewing the whole sunday through and spending Monday in Kassel visiting the Scoundrel at his native place I had no time, nerves and heart left to spin a Porcelain Sunday or Matching Monday for you – I hope you won’t be mad at me.

What I did, too, on Sunday except sewing was taking a stroll on the banks of the river Lahn. It was only an hour after the first real spring shower for this year, and it was splendid.

The first little leaves are sprouting from branches and twigs that seemed dead only one or two weeks ago, the river is telling a tale of many flotsam and jetsam that has been brought to the small islands and banks during the great flood at the end of winter.

I love all the houses at this side of the river (the side where I actually live, too) and their little landings and boats and kayaks and canoes. The building on the picture is a café, by the way, and it’s lovely to sit there outside right at the water in summer.

The old weir is a lovely place just to sit and watch the river and the flickering light on the water and the young leaves of the trees that grow there galore. I just discovered a new “point of view” there – I never thought about wandering the side before the weir and always only strolled behind the falls!

I love bringing home little treasures from my wanderings, just like this shard. Doesn’t the motif look like something drawn by a spider?

The way glass changes when it stays in the river is just too lovely, and this piece instantly wanted me to take it with me. I also found a piece of mussle shell (in Latin they are named Mytilus, which is a far nicer name indeed) in the prettiest shade of green, but the camera wasn’t even able to catch the tint, so you just have to imagine it.

Can you guess what this is? It’s a crow’s beak! Well, only the lower part as the upper would mean that I had a whole bird’s skull, but anyway. It must have been on the small bank where I found it for quite a time as it was as white and clean as you see it here (I boiled it off, anyway, to play it safe), and now it’s another part of the garland on my wall (which I should show you some day, too).

Finding things is so great.

P.S.: I went there again yesterday, but the weather and feeling was so different that this adventure deserves a post of its own. Maybe on Tuesday.


Any thoughts?

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