Matching Monday – Avonlea Girls

As I confessed yesterday I’m highly influenced by the Anne of Green Gables mini series here. But anyway, I tried to stick to my own imagination, too. The outfits today are more like something I can imagine the characters would wear if they lived today, but still inspired by the 19th century.

So, let’s start with our heroine!

The outfit turned out completely different to what I had imagined before. But anyway, I like how it came out, except of one detail that could be better, but I wasn’t able to find the right thing, so I’m perfectly fine with what we have here. So, here are the parts of the coord:

Jumperskirt: The thing that bugs me, actually. Originally I wanted a pinafore or something similar, more in the direction of Natural Kei than Lolita, and definitely more country. But I ended up with this, and actually I like it. It’s Antique Books from Innocent world, one of the brands that I adore most. The motif is just perfect for dreamy Anne who always has her nose in a book – even when not reading!

Blouse: I wanted something more country-like, and the blouse reminded me extremely of Marilla’s clothes from the pictures. The colour also gives a hint of the lush meadows that surround Avonlea and even Green Gables itself.

Socks and Wristcuffs: The wristcuffs looked so lady-like and playful and romantic that I instantly thought them right for the outfit. The socks were the only pair that matched in colour, but if it was completely up to me I’d rather choose some knitted ones with an elaborate, fine pattern. But those do, as well. Just nothing too fragile, it wouldn’t match Anne’s country life with feeding chicken and milking cows and endless roamings in the woods of Prince Edward Island.

Necklace: Representing the string of pearls Anne receives as a gift from her adoptive father figure Matthew Cuthbert I chose something with a ribbon, not too refined but rather something a young girl would wear even if she lived not in a great mansion in the city but on a wonderful homestead in the country, rather not for opera but smaller society events in the hotel nearby (but still some miles away).

Hat: When we first encounter Anne she wears an old sailor straw hat. It’s replaced later by Marilla, but ever since then, Anne is connected to that hat in my mind. Well, anime and live action series might have done their share… I decided not to go for the usual and simple model but something that reminds one a little bit of a bonnet (actually I tried on one of this kind yesterday and I think I need a new straw hat anyway…) to recapture the “Victorian” feeling and add a more mature and with this somehow more modern touch to it.

Bag: I thought some kind of basket would be nice, to emphasize the country influence once again. This special bag strongly reminded me of a fishing basket I once hat (and which was only used for the transport of my rabbit and guinea pigs). Also, it resembles a school satchel a little bit, to get to the “nose in a book” thing once again. Plus, it’s green again!

Boots: Here it all comes together, the colours, the feeling, the flowers. I spied these boots and instantly fell in love. Anne is mentioned to wear heavy, dusty, old working boots, even with copper toes, so there was no way I could give this coord something fragile or fashionable, but the print adds such a wonderful, fairy-tale-like touch that I didn’t even hesitate. For me, these boots are the secret “stars” of the outfit.

As for the second outfit today we’ll have a look on Anne’s “bosom friend” Diana Barry. She’s described as a very refined and to some extend sophisticated young lady, sweet and amiable.

Here we go:

Dress: Another favourite brand of mine, Mary Magdalene. I wanted something more delicate for Diana, so I took something slightly tinted between beige and rosé. The design of the dress pretty much matches the time in which the story is set, and if I recall this correctly, Diana even wears a rose-coloured dress at her and Anne’s first ball in the TV series.

Bag: Again, it’s a satchel. I imagine it could be a lady’s handbag when it grows up, so I tought it quite fitting for Diana. It’s less country-esque than my choice for Anne but Diana never showed that devotion to nature like her friend did, so a pretty leather school bag (or something inspired by one) would be much better.

Jewelery: The velvet ribbon actually is a wristband, but I’d rather see it as a choker. The amethysts could also be in Anne’s coord if one recalls the plot around Marilla’s brooch, but they were so flattering for Diana. I always think of her smiling and radiant and somehow glowing from within, with red cheeks and dark eyes, and amethysts are very becoming for this kind of young lady.

Hats: I just couldn’t decide, so I took two. The first one is a mint-coloured bonnet by Innocent World, representing the younger Diana Barry. Bonnets always remind me of the countryside and the artwork of Holly Hobbie. The second hat is pretty much the same as Anne’s, only in another colourway, standing for the older Diana as it seems more toned down and less playful, but very lady-like.

Shoes: Same here, I couldn’t leave out one pair. The light-green, flat mary janes are perfect to go with the bonnet, the brown granny boots are a great addition to the straw cap and let it seem even more mature and refined. Too late by the way I noticed that this coord lacked stockings, so please just try to imagine some pretty knitted ones, maybe with the same fine pattern as Anne’s. They’re probably off-white.

And here I leave you for today, this time without any further advice than to read those books and watch the series. Good night!


Any thoughts?

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