Back Home for The Weekend

Actually, back at my mother’s home. The weekend started with quite an adventure when I happened to take the wrong train on Thursday evening and nearly went to Heidelberg! As much as this is my destination for the weekend after next, I was not so amused and got off the traing as soon as I noticed (which was two stations before Heidelberg, actually). I was so glad to come home after this (about two hours later than planned…)!

On Friday I went shopping for fabric together with Jules at one of the biggest open-for-public fabric stores in Germany. I sadly didn’t find the fabric I want for a planned dress, but instead the fabric I imagined for the pirate swap I’m in at the moment (it’s very cliché) and a green cotton I originally wanted to order via aethernet. Plus, some sequins border for the aforementioned dress, and five really pretty buttons of which I don’t know what to do with yet.

Aren't they great?

After we were back in town (fabric store is set in the periphery) we went to the mall, as it’s some kind of very girly tradition of ours. I wanted a new straw hat ’cause my old one isn’t that pretty anymore and going to fall prey to my project frenzy soon, anyway, but wasn’t able to find something flattering, so I’ll have to rely on Marburg for that.

Instead I ended up with 400 champagne-coloured faux pearls from the deco store, a small pouch for ma camera or such which I mainly wanted because of the cute, steampunk-esque motif of dancing mice on a gramophone and finally a t-shirt with something that looks like a cuter version of a skelanimal rabbit (even my grandmother thought it cute!) which will be perfect for the take on Punk Loli I’m planning.

Saturday I spent mainly playing A Vampyre Story (and finished it, too. Part two, here I come!), and in between game sessions went to the museum at Johannisburg Castle together with my mother. They had a small exhibition about celtic artefacts found in the local area, but I spent most of the time there taking pictures of the wonderful re-arranged princely rooms stuffed with the most exquisite furniture from ca. 1800 (which might qualify for a post of its own).

After a bath (with real light! Yay!) and breakfast with my mother I drove back on Sunday or better was brought back to Marburg which was quite necessary as I brought some things with me from my old room. And by now I’ve got two new book shelves! But I’ll save them for another post, I think.

Coming close to the end of this post I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I was so buried in projects and the beginning of the new semester that I had no time (and sometimes nerves, too) left to write much. I hope that it’ll change to better now. I still have projects galore but am eager to document them as well as finally fulfill some of my Daring Deeds!

So, you’re going to hear from me!


Any thoughts?

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