Skirts and Books – What I made

Of course, as it was a swap, I made something, too.

First, the skirt swap.

The demands were fir green, silver and black in colours, a dislike for patterns but love for butterflies and in style something between Alice in Wonderland, military and Steampunk. The girl I was fairy godmother to also wanted the skirt to end above her knees and told me that Lolita didn’t suit her. This is what I came up with:

The elfin one was so nice to model for me.

And here are the details:

(photo not by me but by Schiriki who got the skirt)
clock embroidery

And the accessoires I made, too:

The clock-alike thing is a hair clip.

At the book swap, I decided to make something matching to Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures, one of the books that were given as favourites of Ravna, the girl I was a fairy godmother to in this case.

She also had given black as her favourite colour, maybe with red accents, and a liking for second-hand fabric and some sort of grunge in the design – not too perfect, after all – too. Plus, she wished for a sweat jacket, something I never made before. But I like a good challenge and so I went to the thrift store and got some old sweatshirts and this is what I made of them:

Front with open collar
Front with collar closed

The hero of the book, Rumo, is named after a Zamonian card game, hence the card inlays. I like the grungy effect on the symbols.

Clubs (my favourite)
Collar detail
Collar with label

In the first part of the book Rumo is also in search of a “silver ribbon” which actually leads him to “his” girl. Well, anyway, I had lots of fun painting the ribbon:

Ravna also collects fairy tale books. When I found the Anderson book at the book store across the street, I instantly thought of her! Also, I usually pack something sweet into the swap boxes, but Ravna had written before that she didn’t like sweets so much and preferred tea.

All pictures were taken in our front yard, the light and scenery were  just perfect.

The parcel arrived and Ravna was really happy with her sweat jacket. She even allowed me to use her pictures for the blog. I’m so glad it fits!

I must confess that this jacket was he most difficult piece I made for a swap as yet. At the moment I’m in a pirate themed swap until May, but after that I’ll need somewhat of a hiatus from swapping. There are so many things I want to sew for myself, after all!


Any thoughts?

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