Matching Monday – Hares ‘n Pastels

Today I celebrated spring by climbing up the old embankment dam at the weir and standing upon the sun-warmed stones, feet in streaming water, the song of a laughing river in my ears.

Usually I’m not too fond of pastels, but with today’s coordinate I ended up with some, and I think I might take a liking to at least some pastels, after all.

What’s in this outfit?

  • Skirt: It’s Love Nadia from Bodyline which I just bought second-hand from a fellow German Lolita. I love the colour and the print, it has nearly mori-esque qualities. Also, the colours allow to wear it with things that pass as Steampunk very well.
  • Blouse: I wanted something romantic and somewhat historically inspired for the coord to prevent it from becoming too sweet instead of classic. Something very light with long but still fluffy sleeves might be a good alternative to the blouse shown, too.
  • Shoes: Granny boots once again. The colours both appear in the skirt’s print and emphasize the classic aspect again.
  • Bag: Well, more of a portmonnaie, but I’m sure it would make a great bag if sewn in a larger scale. As it’s Eastertide I wanted either lambs or hares as a theme in the coord. I couldn’t find too many things decorated with lambs, so I ended up with hares, but the leather bunny could surely be replaced with a stuffed animal lamb purse, too.
  • Jewelery: Here we’ve got two hares (well, one rabbit and one hare, actually) and a pair of mushrooms. The hares are somewhat self-explanatory at this time of year, and I thought the locket with the white rabbit’s silhouette would add a nice touch to the tightrope walk between classic and sweet. And… well, I know it’s not really the time for mushrooms yet, but they matched the print of the skirt so well! There’s a little red in it, and the forest theme… well, now there are some mushrooms. We’re all grown up and can deal with that, I think. ;)
  • Shawl: It still can get cold within minutes now in April. This one is a very refined one, silky to the touch. Cute and ladylike shawls don’t have to be expensive and can be found in every shopping street and mall in nearly every colour and an astounding array of patterns.
  • Headwear: I went for a crocheted headband matching the print’s colours again. It also has a touch of mori girl to it and de-stiffens the outfit a little. The off-white roses are optional, but I just love, love, love flowers to be worn in one’s hair!

So, that’s it for today. Just this morning I had the idea to try my luck on making some egg-shaped charms, but then I had so much else to do that I completely forgot it. Maybe I’ll craft some tomorrow, even though Eastertide is over then. Eggs are great symbols at this time of the year – any time of the year! – anyway.


Any thoughts?

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