10 Things I love in April

Corset materials.
  1. Pokémon. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It’s just another JRPG (I’m playing Platinum, just in case you’d ask), after all, and the designs can be so cute sometimes! My favourite is Chingling, by the way. I mean, it’s a little golden bell with red-and-white striped ribbons!
  2. For You by Rie Fu. I discovered this song trough the end credits of an anime I was watching. I stopped that after the second episode or so, but kept the song. It makes me feel like sunshine, somehow.
  3. Windowsill Gardens. I just got a glass sprouter jar from my mother and already made use of if. Also, I plan getting me some herbs. As one of my windows is blocked anyway as a rather big spider has decided to have her summer residence right there, it’s the perfect time for a little gardening there.
  4. Machinarium. I recently finished A Vampyre Story (a review or even Porcelain Sunday will follow) and am now playing Machinarium which I borrowed highly recommended from Bambi. Here’s the trailer (only in German, sorry). The overall design could be described as dystopic or even a little bit steampunky. And that little robot is so incredibly cute!
  5. Corsets. I’m sewing my first one at the moment! The thing is that at the moment it’s not the beautifully adorned velvet-silk-and-lace corsets that appeal to me but those made of linen and other sturdy fabrics with the look of actual underwear. The problem is that I wouldn’t wear those in public, though. Seems like I’ll have to sew at least two corsets, after all.
  6. My new Knee Socks. I love knee socks. I prefer them to be rather simple, with no patterns except stripes and maybe Argyle. And even though I wasn’t able to find a white pair last week I ended up with three more pairs.
  7. Making Lists. As mentioned in my last 10 Pleasures I’m going to travel quite a lot this year. I also have loads of projects and other ideas that keep haunting me if I don’t write them down at least. So, lists are something very comforting to me, and I’ve got them everywhere: On my laptop’s desktop, on my desk, in my note books and college blocks, I even keep a special folder for them on the PC!
  8. Paper Thin Personas. A wonderful blog of a paper doll maker. She covers a fascinating array of styles, especially with her Marisole doll. My favourite sets so far deserve a blog post of their own, in the meantime you might guess them. :)
  9. StupidFox. A creation by SilentReaper, StupidFox (pronounced as one word, indeed. Oh, and just browse her gallery, the folder isn’t complete!) is nothing less but the cutest rather dumb cartoon animal I’ve seen so far. These two are my favourites.
  10. Cellophane Noodles. Scoundrel says they taste like paper or even nothing at all. I disagree.

Any thoughts?

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