Off to the South for the Weekend

In about twelve hours I’ll be at Lilibeth’s house after a journey by train together with Jules and maybe a little sightseeing tour – I just don’t know where.

We’ve got an awfully stuffed program (it will be splendid, though) including museums, photo sessions, crafts, a picnic and long walks. Oh, and we’ll meet Noctua, too, an event I’m really looking forward to!

I would have loved to travel with my two old cardboard suitcases as my luggage, but I had to pack so many things that they simply were not the most sensible choice (my backpack is way easier to carry, too). Maybe for another journey.

Sadly I won’t manage to finish two sewing projects of mine before I’ll leave. But maybe I can convince Jules to another photo shoot when we come back and he’s visiting his prince charming here in Marburg next time.

Things I packed as I considered them essential for this journey of four days (of course I stuffed in some clothing and everyday needs, too):

  • Hare: My stuffed animal of choice.
  • Nightgown: Lilibeth made it for me as a birthday present last year, and we don’t have decent photos yet! Besides, I need something to sleep in.
  • Secret Sewing Project: To be revealed when I’m home again.
  • Pencils and drawing paper: Because I made up my mind to draw more.
  • Toothbrush: Why, it’s essential.
  • Old-fashioned badminton bats: To play a very lady-like game of badminton now and then.
  • Laptop: To pre-write some posts.

So good-bye now, no posts until Sunday.

I hope you’ll all have a splendid weekend!


Any thoughts?

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