10 Things I love in May

Just don't mind the background and the blurriness... I love 20s make-up and curls! ♥
  • Bohème Sauvage. The Bohème Sauvage is a 20s party usually located in Berlin, but last weekend it had a “guest performance” in Cologne which I attended with the Captain. And it was, to be honest, the greatest party I’ve ever been to! About 800 well-dresses, well-mannered people enjoying themselves, dancing to wonderful music (we even had a Charleston crash course), gambling and sipping at their Absinthe, and all that in a perfect location! There are definitely more 20s parties needed, and I’m looking forward to October when the Bohème Sauvage will be in Frankfurt, too.
  • Staying in bed longer than until 7 AM, which has become kind of rare during the last weeks. I’ve got to be on campus at 8 AM three times a week and been busy during the weekends, too, plus I can’t sleep any longer far too often. The prospect of a free weekend this week really makes me happy…
  • Being deadline-free for projects. After this week I’ll have finished my third swap in two months, and after that I’ll definitely won’t do another until the summer holidays. I even had a deadline for the sewing project for my visit in the south, and being frowned at constantly isn’t an experience I need too often. So no more deadlines for me now except my Daring Deeds and on university behalf. Now I can start sewing for myself again! :)
  • My first curling iron. When we were at Lilibeth’s, preparing for Ludwigsburg, we tried to get my hair curled with an iron. Lilibeth soon gave up, stating that it wouldn’t work anyway. But than I needed curls for the Bohème Sauvage and bought my first own iron, and now can proudly say: She has been proven wrong! It works magnificently (maybe it’s that I leave it in 150% of the time given due to my hair’s quality), takes nearly no time and looks quite good if I may believe the people who’ve told me so recently. I’ll definitely use it more frequently now.
  • Golden Roccailles. They simply add style and decadence to everything.
  • Bronze Age. At the moment most of my lectures, seminars and tutorials at university are about this time between 2200 and 800 BC. There’s even a tutorial for archaeological drawing and bronze age style lore (I really don’t know how to translate it) where we are actually allowed to touch things made over 4000 years ago. I’ve got a favourite hatchet, too (Lanquaid Type II, to be nerdy)!
  • Extracurricular training. We’re heading straight to the German Championship in Savate at the moment, which means training at least twice a week. For some people it might sound stressful and hard, but for me it’s just right. I know I won’t succeed in any of my matches, but training with the older ones really helps to define my technique. It’s kind of social networking, too, and I’m looking forward to next weekend.
  • The cheapest chocolate our supermarket has, as it’s the most delicious, too. Nothing more to say.
  • Onion skin dye. Zetesa started it and Teli jumped onto the bandwagon, and now I’m into it, too. I’ve always wanted to try it as the colours you get are just so radiant and I find it quite fascinating to produce such hues without chemicals. So I’m collecting all onion skins that are left after cooking (which isn’t so little with four people and lots of food) and waiting for the day when it’s enough to heat the cauldron…
  • Role Play Conventions. I just came back from the RPC in Cologne and am still thrilled from the flood of input I got there. All those stalls, all that sound and pictures and all the great people you meet! It’s awesome and I’d be delighted to go there next year, too.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I love in May

  1. Eigentlich hat Zetesa angefangen :P Schmück mich nicht mit fremden Fede.. ehm, Zwiebelschalen ;)
    Und Zeichnen für Archäologen hört sich irgendwie auch cool an. Vor allem, weil man da wahrscheinlich mit rudimentären Zeichenkenntnissen schon besser ist als 80% des Kurses *an die ganzen Metarchäologen denk* *kicher*

    1. Editiert. ^^
      Der Zeichenkurs ist super. Falls du also mal nicht weißt, was du im Nebenfach machen sollst (nennt sich offiziell Formenkunde mit Zeichenübung)…

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den Locken!
    Wegen des Lockenstabes gab es wohl ein Missverständnis. Der Unterschied ist der, dass ich es nicht verantworten wollte, deine Haare länger den 200°C auszusetzen, als ich es aus eigener Erfahrung kenne. Wenn du das bei dir machst ist das ja eine ganz andere Nummer. Du kennst deine Haare ja auch besser.

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