Garden Culture and Fine Living

… was the title of the garden and plants fair I went to with Teli yesterday. It was set up in the castle’s park between old trees and even older walls, a very nice scenery for such an event.

Teli came to pick me up an hour past high noon and we made our way to the castle trough the beautiful upper part of my beloved fairytale town.

Well, it was just like coming into a really huge garden, and we didn’t quite know where to look first.

They had a great variety of roses – being a Hedgefairy, I love roses -, but sadly the rose garden of our castle wasn’t abloom yet.

I love the blending of pink and milk-white and light yellow in these rosebuds, I wish I had fabric like this.

These little darlings were right at the entrance. Just imagine a whole valley filled with them!

These blossoms reminded be of little flames or phoenix feathers, aren’t they lovely?

Floxglove are so pretty! Also, there’s this Irish fairy tale about Lusmore the hunchback and the fairies of which I always think when I see Floxglove, for lus mór is the Irish name for the flower.

As the fair was also about decorating and not only flowers and herbs there were many other interesting stalls, too. I wondered why we even saw two sellers with indian stamps. I sometimes still think I need a larger collection of these to print the fabric of a whole dress or mage’s robe for LARP (or even real life)…

I like old enamel signs, and this one especially. The message is so great, because every adventure starts at home, and sometimes people tend to forget.

Fly Amanita! I like them so much as a motif, I think I need some Amanita jewelery some time soon.

And this cow was the funniest yet stylish watering can I’ve ever seen.

For some reason they also sold antique silverware there – I don’t know why, but I liked it!

The silverware wasn’t the only point when I wished I’d host more parties. Garden parties, for example…

… or tea parties! This was by the way the point when it started pouring.

But nobody really cared as we all had brought along our umbrellas. The musicians retreated into the tent of the very British boots-and-landlord-jackets seller who even played along with them (he’s the one drumming on a tin bucket, and he did it very well!). They even had a Chesterfield-like sofa in there, and pictures hanging on the walls! Not to mention that awesome steamer trunk coffee table…

Speaking of coffee, of course there were coffee and food stalls, too. And I’ve got to admit that those they had were amongst the greatest and most stylish ones I’d ever seen.

It’s just so cliché, I wish there was more like that in the real world! Teli even compared it to the design of Chocolatier, a very cute (or should I say “sweet”?) chocolate factory facebook game I used to play some time.

We even bought sweets, too, Teli and I. There was a stall selling imported English fudge, and we both couldn’t resist, especially as one could choose the flavours freely! I mostly took chocolate and some walnut and liquorice, and even the Scoundrel – who’s not very fond of chocolate and sweets in general – liked them. And I love-love-love the old-fashioned feeling I get when I’m able to compose the sweets in the cornet myself!

Not far from the sweets and food alley we discovered a little villa we’d both never seen before. I tend to imagine who inhabits a house like this as soon as I see it, and here I think of an elderly historian and his loving wife (maybe a mycologist) who are visited by their son and daughter in law quite often as well as their lively and cute grandchild or grandchildren to whom they both tell their stories, Grandfather of ancient cultures or bave knights that fought for their king or their hopeless love, and Grandmother of the world the fairies live in, with toadstools as big as trees and moss that reaches your knee… Did I mention that there was the replica of a classic statue stood on the veranda? I guess I’d like these people.

Another building I took new notice of is the tower in the back part of the park. Of course I knew that it was there, but yesterday it seemed so out-of-a-fairytale-like that I just stood and wondered if the narrativum was stronger here in Marburg than elsewhere…
I think it was because of the bird cages that it was even dreamier than usual, it made me think of fairy tales where maidens are transformed into birds by evil mages or witches and get rescued either by their brothers or only true love.

We went off after four hours of strolling around and I showed Teli a way down to the lower town she didn’t really know yet, but it’s splendid, because the people who own the great garden to the sides of the stairs also own some hens that are simply awesome.
And there are wallflowers, too, some kind of small violets.

Of course I also bought something green! It’s an African basil with a great honey-hinted scent, and currently it’s with the Scoundrel to get a larger plant pot and some new soil. Still needs a name, by the way…

Postscriptum: If you wonder what happened to Porcelain Sunday and Matching Monday I can assure you that it’s not entirely gone. I just happened to be not in town during the last weekends, and there are so many other things to write about darting into my mind every Sunday! So I decided rather not to have a weekly feature, but to write a Porcelain Sunday and Matching Monday when I feel like it. Because, as always, there’s no need to do things half-heartedly.


Any thoughts?

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