10 Ideas to make Rising Early less gruesome

  1. Have a tune to wake you that makes your feet dance. If my waking noise was the horrible beep I always hear from Bambi’s and Satyr’s room, I would be very well versed in hitting the “sleep” button, too. Instead I’ve got The Pumpkin’s Fancy (it’s the part in the middle) by Dutch folk band Rapalje to drag me out of my sleep. I use my mobile as an alarm clock, but there are regular ones that allow you to record your own sound, too.
  2. TEA! Or coffee. Or cocoa. Just something hot and refreshing. Most people prefer black tea for breakfast, but I personally like rose hip tea better as black tea makes me too twitchy on an empty stomach.
  3. Fresh air. The first thing I do when I wake up and notice that my body thinks it is way to early is to open my window. I don’t even have to rise to do that because the window’s right beside my bed! Take a deep breath, there’s nothing better to wake your spirit.
  4. Prepare your breakfast the night before. If you take your breakfast with your family, why not set the whole table before you go to bed? It’s one thing less to do when you get up in the morning, then. If you take your breakfast in your room all by yourself like me, why don’t you set up a little table with your cereals and some fruit to be right there in the morning? The only thing to do then is to add milk and make some tea.
  5. Also, your clothes. And in Winter: why not hang them over the heating over night (at least the socks)? I place my clothes for the next day on the armchair next to my bed. This way I don’t have to go down in despair (or at least: search) for something decent to wear when I’m still half asleep. This and the idea above are things I’ve learned from my grandmother, by the way, and I think she was quite right after all.
  6. Instantly make your bed. When there’s nothing to go back in to it’s easier to stay outside.
  7. Make sure to remember that you’ve got the whole day to make wonderful things and go on adventures when you rise early.
  8. Do something. When I’m very tired and on the edge of Dreamland during lessons, I usually do something with my hands, simple imagining wouldn’t do. This is also what I do when I get up, little things like turning on the computer, put away some little things to reduce the mess I made the day before (that’s worst case, of course), painting something on a picture I didn’t finish or doing the dishes, stuff like this. Just nothing too complicated!
  9. Light. Just like fresh air it’s something that calls on the deepest and oldest parts of our subconsciousness: It’s day, you should rise and use the light you can get. A bright little lamp you can reach from your bed will do if you aren’t fortunate enough to have windows that go right out to the sunrise.
  10. Make every day special. If you’ve got something to look forward to, getting up isn’t half so hard.

Any thoughts?

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