30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – 10 things you love in Lolita.

  1. Continuity. For a really great outfit someone has to think with a central theme or colour scheme, and I love continuity in all things. And if it’s only a small gemstone in a necklace that repeats the colour of one little motif from the skirt’s print, I’m satisfied. Which leads me to No. 2:
  2. Details. A Lolita outfit is like a cabinet of curiosities, there’s always something new to discover. Be it a rich print or embroidery, an interesting set of jewelery, the way the person put her hair or tied her ribbons or let something from her non-lolita life slip into the coordinate (in my case that would be a pendant shaped like boxing gloves or a button or patch of an unexpected Punk band on my top hat in a classic outfit).
  3. Looking like a Porcelain Doll. I always admired those perfect little round faces with their glowing cheeks and shining eyes, the pretty dresses with frills all over, the rounded shoes. And now I can be one of them, but without neglecting my intellect or knowledge.
  4. Otherworldlyness. What a word. I love to look not only like a porcelain doll, but also like something from another time or world. I love the thought of people passing by not being sure if they can trust their eyes when I’ve already disappeared around the next corner. I love the thought of the narrativum (no typo, it’s the power of stories to be told according to Sir Terence Pratchett) being stronger when I’m wearing something like a fairy or heroine of a fairy tale or children’s book.
  5. Bloomers. Aww, they are great, even when I’m not wearing Lolita. I even wear them without skirts, and I definitely need more of ’em.
  6. Tea Parties. Sure, one can have them without Lolita, too. But I like my tea better with some frills and lace, thank you very much.
  7. Prints. Although I don’t wear them much, I love them dearly just to look at. Sometimes there are even border prints that I like (but rather seldom, I must confess)! I especially love stuffed animals, coats of arms, chess pieces, fairy tales and books and old-fashioned curiosities as motives.
  8. Variety. I can go all-goth in black with silver jewelery and black fingernails on one and cute Anne of Green Gables-like country girl on the other day and still follow the rules, if I like to. Also, Lolita has something for nearly everyone, and with some slight bending of the rules-that-are-more-like-guidelines-anyway I think most people interested in historically inspired fashion could take part in a meet-up.
  9. Origin. I had a thing for times gone by already before I discovered Lolita, and I love to bring in historical influences to my outfits, not only Victorian but also Art Nouveau, Rococo, the roaring 20s and even some Renaissance. Also, I love to live up to the education and refined manners of these times (at least in some social stratum).
  10. Shape. I think the full skirt is rather flattering and I honestly dare to doubt that someone could really look horrible in at least some kind of Lolita, EGL, aristocrat, dandy or kodona. It’s all about distraction and emphasis at the right places.

Any thoughts?

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