30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – 10 Things you dislike in Lolita.

Normally, it would read “10 things you hate”, but I think hate is too strong a word in this case.

  1. Clones. Twinning is all right with me and I still plan on going out with Jules as my (male) twin some day, but twinning doesn’t mean that you’ve got to be a copy. How creepy is that, I ask you?
  2. OTT Sweet – to make your clones even more creepy. OTT may be nice if you want a toothache, but it has nothing to do with refined little Victorian ladies having a tea party. And it doesn’t even look pretty anymore, most of the time.
  3. Lookism. Every time I read Loli Secrets, I want, to quote Anne Shirley, to “give some people a good spanking”. The “fatty-chan” thing is most of the time absolutely mean, and people who have thin hair or flawed skin or are short and stout aren’t to blame for this! Hell, not all of us are models, and just because someone isn’t heavenly beautiful doesn’t mean that he or she is a bad person! I’m sick and tired of all the “oh my gosh, she’s so ugly” secrets. There is no such thing as an ugly woman, there is only a woman who doesn’t know how to do it better. And I think one should offer advice rather than gossip.
  4. Bad behaviour (and horrible common knowledge, some times). Yes, I despise people who get drunk and vulgar in their best clothing. I think it’s quite hypocritical to dress like a young lady or even princess and behave like scum. Yes, I listen to punk rock music and I occasionally swear, too. But I’d be ashamed to make the same jokes like the spitting, snotting major idiots that linger in front of the supermarket, cheap booze in hand, and call me names because of my outfit. That’s definitely not my niveau.
  5. The constant “peace” sign photo pose. Girls, it looks stupid and annoying, please STOP it! I guess it’s the thing that annoys me most on Lolita photos, even the heart shape pose is better. Hell!
  6. Cosplay (and with it anime and manga) hate. Not every Lolita is a saint, not every cosplayer is a demon. Simple as that. There are itas who have never in their entire life seen an anime and there are anime fans who are perfect Lolitas in turn. And not every costume is cheesy and cheap, by the way. I think I’ll even try cosplaying once (and I watch anime and have a small collection of manga. HA!).
  7. Circle lenses. Just like OTT, they look creepy. And not in the pretty way, mind you.
  8. Wa Loli. At least on western girls it just looks ridiculous, and honestly, a kimono with a petticoat? No.
  9. Elitist behaviour. Which sometimes even appears with horrible behaviour (see above). Paradox, anyone? If you strictly follow the rules without the are-more-like-guidelines-anyway part strictly you won’t let creative input into your fashion, and that’s sad, I think. As well, nobody’s a better person through a more expensive dress, and somebody who can’t sew her or his own clothing isn’t automatically stupid.
  10. Lack of continuity! It looks horrible and like one wanted but couldn’t. It’s not so difficult to bring in a colour or theme again!

Any thoughts?

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