30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – 10 different Kinds of Food you like

  1. Marble cake, cheese cake and chocolate gateau. I still love my grandmother’s cakes, and the recipe for the Chocolate Gateau I got from my neighbor in Frankfurt and since then have kept a secret (at least I tried and I’m still mad at a person who copied it without asking me first).
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese. Most of the time here in the flat we fill our wok (it’s the biggest kind of saucepan we’ve got) completely with sauce and let it brew for some hours. It’s the most awesome food to get lots of people stuffed, and incredibly tasty as well.
  3. Ice Cream, mostly chocolate (the darker, the better), green tea and lemon. I still want to try rosemary or lavender ice cream…
  4. Strawberries with Yoghurt (not strawberry yoghurt!). *omnomnom*
  5. Sushi. It’s somehow cliché, but I don’t care at all. Sushi is really tasty and some kind of ritual when I come to Aschaffenburg (with Jules, takeaway bar, then) or Cassel (all-you-can-eat with Sweet Katie and the Scoundrel).
  6. Curry. Best with pineapple. The Scoundrel made a wonderful curry for the Steampunk LARP last year.
  7. Ramen. There was a time (looong before I discovered Lolita) when I mostly lived on ramen entirely. The just-pour-boiling-water-on-it kind, mind you. Until last week I hadn’t done this for years, but lately I’m growing to like it again. I just love asia noodles.
  8. Semolina pudding with seabuckthorn syrup. My grandmother used to make this when I slept over in my mother’s old room. It just tastes like home.
  9. Goulash with noodles. Another of my grandmother’s recipes. Need to get that next weekend, by the way.
  10. Pesto alla genovese. With or without pasta, I don’t care.

Any thoughts?

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