30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – 10 Things you can’t live without in Lolita

My beloved petticoat. And metal vest.
  1. Rouge/ Blush. It’s the only “make-up” I wear on a daily basis.
  2. Comfy shoes. As pretty as most Lolita shoes are, I prefer my duckfeet (they look like a doll’s shoes, anyway). I even wear my hiking boots with Lolita sometimes.
  3. My sketchbook. To write and scribble down ideas.
  4. My sewing machine! To make the things from my sketchbook real.
  5. Imagination. Just like Anne Shirley or Sara Crewe, so that I can pretend to be a princess on the days when I don’t know that I’m the heroine in my very own story.
  6. Petticoats. Elementary.
  7. Contacts. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glasses, but without them I feel prettier and even more girly. My glasses are the pragmatic side of me that hasn’t so much to do with Lolita.
  8. The aetherweb. Without it, I wouldn’t have discovered Lolita in the first place! And I’d miss all the blogs that I read, all the inspiration and input, the discussions, sometimes even the drama and, of course, browsing through endless sites of dresses.
  9. Curling iron. When I was younger, I really, really disliked my straight hair and now I can just decide what I want for a day. I was even called a “red-headed tinsel angel ” when I wore curls, so that’s a positive side effect. I seem to look good with them. ^^
  10. Children’s books. My main inspiration. I think I want to do a Wind in the Willows coord sometime soon…

Any thoughts?

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