30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – 10 People who inspire your Lolita Style

That’s really a difficult one! Most of the time I’m inspired by all of my sourroundings, be it a piece of music, a movie, a warm spring’s breeze or a chat with a friend. I tried to make the list of people of some sort somewhat representable, but maybe I forgot something.

Picture from bramblyhedge.co.uk
  1. The Mice of Brambly Hedge. The details of the drawings in these books are amazing, and I loved the clothes ever since I first got one of them. And I’d really love a Brambly Hedge print… hm…
  2. Aly aka. Miss Lumpy. I think I might even have some sort of girl crush on her.
  3. Adam Ant. He’s the dandy highway man, after all.
  4. Mole and Ratty (and sometimes Toad) from The Wind in the Willows. It’s just the same as with the mice of Brambly Hedge, they are such essential gentlemen with a love for everything good. It’s more a philosophical inspiration than one for fashion, but nobody said I’d have to talk about clothes here.
  5. Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden. The whole theme is a huge inspiration for the Mori girl part of my Lolita. But also the story of Mary herself, going from “quite contrary” to an amiable girl with glowing cheeks and a love for everything that’s around reminds me of how people can change in a good way, and I think that’s something really inspiring.
  6. Mako chan from Through the Looking Glass. She has such a great sense of style and fashion! I’m always delighted to see her new outfits on Dunkelsüß.
  7. Charles Dickens. Again, it’s a rather philosophical inspiration. Especially the London of A Christmas Carol is something that has been supporting me with ideas for years. I think I need to write something on “Dickens Lolita” some day, anyway.
  8. Jules. He’s the person I chat with about Lolita most. With his very unique view and concern to make fashion accessible for men, too, he’s someone very special to give me new input every time we meet, online or in person.
  9. Fairytales. Of course. It’s no special person, but all of them.
  10. Loreena McKennitt. Especially for the Mori and some of the Gothic again. It’s rather unusual, I know, but I just love her music and her clothes and the whole feeling around her.

Any thoughts?

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