30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – 10 Things you will never do in Lolita

  1. Marry. This seems to be a quite popular point, and I can clearly understand why.
  2. Go to my regular disco. It just looks horrible with my dancing, and I know that because I tried.
  3. Go into a patch of blackberries. My petticoat suffers enough with my regular tomboy life, and I don’t think the rest of my clothing would appreciate it either, to be torn and stained…
  4. Paint walls. I shouldn’t work with paint at all when in Lolita, but I do it against better knowledge, anyway. So at least I wouldn’t use drippy paint that would end up on my skirt or dress in any case.
  5. Go to my regular training. Savate and Canne are about legs work in large parts, so a fluffy skirt wouldn’t be the best choice for judging the techniques. And JiuJitsu is about being thrown around. And there’s sweat (at least in Savate and Canne). No, I wouldn’t want to do sports in Lolita.
  6. Go into a room stuffed with fragile things. I’d worry all the time and occasionally knock off something with my petticoat. Horrible.
  7. Have an evening with the boys. It would be weird not to wear pants there… and kind of awkward, too.
  8. Commit murder. It would look just like from a horror movie, but one shouldn’t do such things, anyway. But I would brawl and fight in Lolita if necessary, of course.
  9. Anything with conifers, like climbing and chopping. That resin is something you’ll never get out again.
  10. Mud Wrestling. Obvious, isn’t it?

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