30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 15, 16 & 17

Day 15 – A Picture of your last Lolita Purchase

That would be my Love Nadia skirt that I bought from Mia. I wanted to show it anyway, so the pictures serve double here:

This post also marks the end of the first half of the 30 days challenge! Time really went by fast…

Isn’t that print cute? I like the fact that there are so many toned-down hues of brown and even a little bit rosé in it!
As I don’t wear the skirt exclusively as a high waist one I removed the bows that were attached at the front and made matching hair clips from them and added some small bells:

Considering that I normally don’t wear blue, I’ve gotten plenty of blue clothing lately…

Day 16 – Your Outfit for the Day

Not the most flattering picture ever, but I like the lightning of those stairs at my local supermarket. Grand also that there is a mirror above… And yes, that’s an iced-lolly in a colour to match the print of my skirt.

– Skirt: Love Nadia by Bodyline
– T-Shirt: NewYorker
– Bag: second hand
– Socks (invisible, sadly): H&M
– Shoes: Danish Duckfeet
– Necklace watch: Promod
– Hair clips: selfmade

Day 17 – What do you want more than anything right now?

Holidays, I guess. University is pretty stressy at the moment, but there are only one and a half month to go until nearly three moths of freedom! I’m already planning what to do with some of the time, and both of my parents asked me to go on a holiday with them – one week of climbing in the Dolomites with my father and afterwards one week with my mother at a hotel surrounded by hills (so, more hiking). It’s going to be great!


3 thoughts on “30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 15, 16 & 17

  1. Der Rock ist total süß und ich liebe die Idee mit den Glöckchen *__*
    Aber ich war bei dem Outfitbild grad total verwirrt, weil ich dachte du sitzt, aber das Motiv vom Shirt ist ja ohne jede Falte und ich dachte nur “O__o wtf??? Hat sie da was rausretuschiert? Oder hat sie ein Bild auf dem Schoß?” XD
    Die Tasche ist toll <3

    1. Hm, hinsetzen wäre eine Idee, dann könnte man in Zukunft auch die Strümpfe und Schuhe richtig sehen… :)

  2. awww, wie süüüß *__* Ich warte ja noch drauf, dich mal “live” in Lolita bewundern zu können, ich gucke soo gerne Lolita-Outfits an <3 :)

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