Buttons and Brooches

Finally something crafted again! Small, though, but no less.

1. From Hedgefairy with Love. Well, I had these pretty stickers lying around, and my huge problem with stickers is that if I put them somewhere, they’re gone! So, I made brooches out of them, and those that were too small for the needles got envelopes to stick on. I also planned to put a drop of sealing wax on one of the envelopes, but didn’t make it there in the end.

2. Roses and a Bike Button. The badge is another sticker, and the roses are the same that I used for decorating my hat for the visit at Lilibeth’s (I still don’t have the pictures, sadly, but there is a certain chance I’m going to get some of them at the weekend!).

3. Pretty Papers. My favourites, actually. I often buy scrapbooking paper for no special use, as bookbinding stock for example, but these two motifs were too beautiful to let them rest in one piece among the other papers.


3 thoughts on “Buttons and Brooches

  1. Buttons! Eigentlich mag ich die ja überhaupt nicht, aber ich glaube, Buttons machen würde mir wahnsinnig viel Spaß machen. Die Umschläge sind voll knuffig. Sind die aus Papier? Wenn ja, würd ich da doch nochmal mit was schützendem drübergehen.. und sei es nur Bastelkleber, der bleibt ja etwas elastisch.

    1. Danke!
      Ich hab eines dieser “Badge it!”-Dinger, die es in besser sortierten Spielwarenabteilungen gibt (ich hätte gerne eine richtige, aber die sind leider etwas teurer…). Relativ billig und ziemlich einfach. ^^

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