30 Days Lolita Challenge – Day 30

The grande finale (with some delay)!

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that’s happened over the last 30 days

It’s not a photo of me, but she somehow really resembles me… leaving out the clothes, that is.

  1. My presentation for my bronze age practical course went quite well although I was very nervous and thought I wasn’t prepared at all. I feared that I couldn’t fill even fifteen minutes with what I had to tell, but I ended up talking over half an hour. My tutor was also pleased by what I said, so everything went fine.
  2. Training was challenging but great during the last 30 days, and I finally managed the kote-gaeshi joint lock in jiu-jitsu as well as got a compliment of a senior student in savate for my leg technique. My trainer also told me that he wants me to go to the European championship in September.
  3. I had wonderful moments with my friends: A great adventure at the weir with Imp and Scoundrel; the exploration of the abandoned side building of our house, again with the Scoundrel and some real treasures; breakfast with Jules while watching a girl’s movie; a fun time with Teli at the hardware and a toy’s store and not only several encounters but also a very nice evening with the Nocker, and the latter also with his friends who I found are surprisingly amiable as long as they don’t talk about politics (and, of course, with Scoundrel again).

Any thoughts?

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