10 Things I love in June

Fresh henna. Awesome.
  • Angel Maker by inkscribble. I love dress-up games and I love her style, so I hope there will be more such things as her Angel maker in future. :)
  • Pesto. An all-time favourite of mine. The only thing that is a little complicated is that I have to walk ten instead of three minutes to get to a supermarket where they sell my favourite kind. Oh, how horrible. (Not.)
  • Felideus, who makes great Steampunk inspired art.
  • Fresh Henna. I just re-dyed my hair, and I love the scent and the fact that my hair is even shinier than normal when newly red.
  • Der Zeuge (the witness) and Endless dream by BillDerRahmen (yes, it’s a lame German pun about frames and a guy named Bill). We went to art school together during the last two years before university, and I must admit even though he’s a little bit head-in-the-clouds and often too edgy to meet my favour, this composition and short film are really good.
  • Steampunk Burlesque by Gia LaFae. I was lucky enough to get introduced to her at the Bohème Sauvage, and she’s a great person besides her awesome style in fashion and dance, too!
  • Wild rose shower gel. Mine is from Weleda, and just after my last match during the German championship in savate I was SO happy to have it… The feeling to change from fighter to fairy again is awesome.
  • Amanda Louise Spayd and her creations which are somewhere between incredibly cute and really spooky. I just can’t decide whether I’d love to have one or be scared if something like that was in my room at night…
  • My new hair chopsticks. Actually they’re only normal chopsticks, but I already bought them planning to shorten them and use them as hair sticks. I love these japanese wave patterns! It’s the first time that I used hair sticks, and I think I’ll need more of these… maybe one in shape of a unicorn horn…
  • Do nothing for 2 Minutes. Awesome.

Any thoughts?

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