I call it a Princess Day, Others might call it Madness

The madness part would likely come from people who don’t know what to do with huge amounts of fabric in one colour.

Yesterday Jules and I had our obligatory “girls day” downtown as I was visiting my mother and he happened to be in town, too. Our main reason to meet was to go to the remaining stock sale at our favourite fabrics store which is, in fact, only at the first Saturday of every month, and it’s a great coincidence that we found one of those without Jules or me being out-of-town.

When we first entered, we were both a little bit disappointed. None of us actually knew what we had expected, but this wasn’t it. But after half an hour of searching through incredible 80s and 90s stock, cheap satin and not really pretty lacy curtains, we both found the treasures that were hidden beneath the horrible.

Jules with his bright tulle (matching his shirt!), some weird snake-ish embossed caravan print fabric and something very stretchy with silver clouds on it.
And that's me with the fabric I hunted down.

I would have loved to take along some more of the muted coloured cotton bales with me, and surely Jules felt like this about the prettily patterned linings and futuristic metallics, but we went by bus and had to carry things home afterwards, so we left with only three bales on Jules and two on my account. All right, and we took in some zippers and buttons, too. Together, we had over 13 kilo of fabric. I know that because the prices were made by the kilo, and this is why I was able to get such amounts, anyway. Awesome.

That’s one bale of changing dark rose madder and one of twill woven light rose-leaf yellow cotton from Brussels, together with some zippers and old-fashioned buttons.
I’ve got plans for the fabrics, but I will only announce the new dress for Renaissance fairs so far as the rest isn’t planned out yet.

After we had brought our prey to Jules home wich is luckily right at the final bus station downtown we went to get some lunch – both of us hadn’t had real breakfast before we went to the fabric store.
We ended up with sushi – it’s kind of traditional with us.

And afterwards we went shopping. The thing is, I don’t really like shopping unless it’s with Jules. We perfectly know each other’s taste and therefore he finds things that I’d love and vice versa. We share enough similarities to not quarrel all the time and have got enough diversities – that we respect, that’s a very important part there – to not get bored. Add a good sense and portion of humor, and you’ve got the perfect shopping spree.

This is what I ended up with:

Sweets. I don’t know how, but it’s always sweets. This time it was jelly beans and strawberry-flavoured red liquorice at the same shop where Jules found his perfect-for-him new school bag.

A t-shirt. I always feel I’ve got nothing to wear (or at least nothing that’s not utterly boring), but during the holidays this will hopefully change! But at least I’ve got another t-shirt now.

A necklace. With a rocking-horse pendant. It looks so incredibly old-fashioned and cute! I’m tempted to build a whole outfit around it.

And finally: A lacy waistcoat. It’s from a small boutique I spotted when I drove into town on Friday and instantly dragged Jules there when we were back from his home. It was stuffed with things I’d call mori, and I would have bought everything in there if I hadn’t known that I wouldn’t wear it on a daily basis or, worst case, never. But I did find this wonderful lace thing and hardly believed it fitted me. But it did, and so I took it home.

Don’t worry, as soon as the holidays start there will be more interesting postings again, too (Crafting! And sewing! And adventures!). But until then I still have one exam and two presentations. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “I call it a Princess Day, Others might call it Madness

    1. Nee, der macht nicht zu, die stopfen nur alles, was sie nicht loswerden, in eine Lager und verticken das dann einmal im Monat für 3€ das Kilo. Klar kannst du nächstes Mal mit! ^^

    1. Kann aber sein, dass es September wird, weil ich so gar keinen Plan hab, wie mein August aussieht.

  1. O.O Der türkisene Tüll ist hammergeil. Wenn ich jetzt wüsste, was ich damit machen könnte, würde ein echt bedauernswerter Kerl jetzt Nervmails von mir bekommen á la “Giiiib mir einen Meter aaaaaaaaaaaab!”

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