10 Things I love in July

  • Summer Holidays! University has been eating my brain during the last months, so I’ms really looking forward to about three months of sweet nothing (except an essay). I’m even going to spend my time on vacation with each of my parents again, something I haven’t done for ten years!
  • End-Of-Semester Parties. A great way to get the guy you sat next to the whole last half-of-a-year to know better. At least at our faculties it’s not so normal to have more than two classes with each other, so there’s no time to make new friends afterwards. You may even experience your professors and tutors in a whole new way when they’re not teaching, and also, you can just have a great time with your friends, old and new.
  • Teli’s Lemon-and-Thyme lemonade. I made some yesterday. It’s awesome.
  • Mismatched Socks. Somehow the colours look very nice together, anyway.
  • Strange Days at Blake Holsey High aka Black Hole High, a Canadian TV series. Originally aimed at pre-teens and teenagers it pictures the life of a science club five-student clique and their mentor, Professor Zachary, at a school where science really is mad (oh, and I’ve got a crush on Michael Seater who plays Lucas Randall).
  • Steampunk Nyan Cat. It has such a silent film feel… and I’ve got the sheet music!
  • The Whispering of the Trees. I’ve been to the shire again, and the sunbeams carried the sound of dancing leaves right through my open window.
  • Water Melon. Great for hot days.
  • My new Nerf Gun. It’s a Maverick, and soon I’ll mod her (with some help from the Nocker on the technical side). Yes, her, well, it’s a gun, and gun’s are always of feminine gender. If you don’t belive me, ask Jayne from Firefly!
  • Lavender Sticks to put in my armoire. Here’s the wonderful tutorial by Mademoiselle Chaos. I took some Lavender with me when I left my Grandmother’s garden last weekend and used embroidery yarn and fabric scraps. They don’t look so pretty as the one in the tutorial, but this was – luckily – not my intention. Memo: Need more lavender.

Any thoughts?

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