Since I just had my last lesson for this semester, it’s finally holidays! Gone is yesterday’s melancholy. The last month have been very challenging on university behalfs and in the end I didn’t do much more than study, sleep,go to training and work for projects and presentations. And some times eat.

Dear Alma Mater... see you in October!

But now that I’ve got the prospect of nearly three months of sweet freedom I have the time again to do as I like and check off some points on my endless to-make-and-sew lists.

Remember the poll I put on some time ago, about which kind of crafting you’d like to see here more? The results were in favour of drawing and sewing, which comes in handy as I wanted to do the deviantArt 100 theme challenge as well as I have got a two-pages sewing projects list.
Mad Hattering came in second, and I’ll hopefully have the time to finally finish the give-away hats! It’s about time…
The other choices got not that much interest, but I’ll show things that fall into the categories of modding, cooking, making jewelery, baking and maybe even sculpting, anyway.

The next great event that’s coming up is Jules’ birthday treasure hunt and picnic. His birthday was in fact back in May, but we both hadn’t the time, and it’s way more fun when everybody is relaxed instead followed by thoughts of school or deadlines or the like during the party.

Another goal of the next month is that I’ll be working on my daring deeds, planning for the next LARP and maybe even tidying up my room (and then finally show it to you as I promised). ^^
Oh, and I’m determined to start making bentō this summer! In my “I’m really to busy to put on a real project, but I can read endless blogs with crafting ideas” phase I stumbled across so many cute food ideas, I just have to! Any recommendations where to get my boxes and smaller stuff from? Or inspirational links?


Any thoughts?

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