Porcelain Sunday: Harry Potter

Yes, I’m jumping onto the bandwagon of saying goodbye to one of the greatest phenomenons of my childhood.

Honestly I don’t think that there’ll be another generation of children that will have this bond with JK Rowlings work – we grew up with these characters, we waited every year for a new book and after that for a new film… and now it’s over.

And even though I stopped reading after the Order of the Phoenix and stopped watching even earlier (but maybe I’ll catch up some day – but I had my reasons to stop), I consider myself a fan. I participated in Hogwarts forum RPGs, I took innumerable Sorting Hat tests, I drew fan art and wrote fan fiction. I thought about and discusses the characters’ and story’s progress and which kind of pet I’d take with me to Hogwarts and was delighted when a friend of mine compared my room to the Burrow the fist moment he saw it.

All pictures in this post belong to WB

The inspirational part of Harry Potter on fashion or style behalf is mostly thanks to the movies, and even though I didn’t like some decisions they made I love the look.

In fashion I especially loved the quidditch equipment, but also all the fancy robes. Dubledore’s below is only one example, and I think the costumers did a splendid job!

I’m glad to study at a university nicknamed “Hogwarts”, but it’d be even better if we had rooms and surroundings like this:

(All right, we've got something like Diagon Alley)

Now, enough with the nostalgia… I’m going to re-watch the movies now. ^^
And by the way, I’ve got to try this recipe for butter beer some day…


2 thoughts on “Porcelain Sunday: Harry Potter

    1. Ist ein Spitzname der alten Uni, wobei man das durchaus auch noch auf andere Gebäude übertragen kann (gut, vielleicht nicht auf die Lahnberge und die Philfak).

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