Matching Monday: Hogwarts Girls

I wanted to capture the spirit of the houses rather than picturing the school uniforms in Lolita shape (that’d have been boring).

I was a little surprised myself on how it came out. But instead of boring you with the long journey to a set, I’ll give you the single ingediences instead:

  1. Coat: You may remeber it from my wishlist post during the 30 Day Lolita Challenge. I noticed that it came in four colourways, matching the Hogwarts houses, and here we go, rich red velvet for Gryffindor.
  2. Blouse: Not too feminine and with crochet “edges” at the bow, that reminded me of a lion’s mane in their pointiness. Off-white, nevertheless, because snow white doesn’t fit into the wizarding world too good, it simply seems to be at the wrong place. And white, because Gryffindor are so incredibly obviously the good guys. ^^
  3. Trousers: Yes, trousers! One of the point that really surprised me, but in fact, leather breeches like these are perfect for adventures at the Forbidden Forest. They’ll beautifully gain patina during the years and a reliable pair of leather pants are a piece of clothing that will accompany you forever and a day.
  4. Socks: Unconcious of the coat of arms I was going to use for the set, I chose AatP sock with a red-and-white diamond pattern. Somewhere between regal and tomboyish they were quite the right choice for the breeches, which actually came in afterwards.
  5. Shoes:  Buckled, belted and somewhat peculiar they look like fancy boots a prince or princess would wear on adventures. They seemed to scream “we’re the right ones to tame dragons and ride hippogriffs with!” to me, and what better recommendation could I get?
  6. Bag: A crown, because the lion – here as Gryffindor’s heraldic animal – is often called “king of the animals”, and also Gryffindor’s colours – gold and red – are associated with royalty.
  7. Jewelery: It’s a rather simple pattern, golden lion heads. Here as a ring, bracelet and necklace.
  8. Other: Braces, because the blouse would have looked a little bit weird without something else to break the white, and because braces are cool. Red leather gloves to add some extra fancy and because they might come in handy when handling wild beasts or swinging on ropes, and especially for broom rides so that your hands won’t freeze.

Slytherin had to be something elegant, maybe even gothic. The style had to be simple, nothing with too many details, since a Slytherin doesn’t show his or her fortune and class through quantity…

  1. Coat: The dark, bluish colour was the base for the other colour decicions, even though Slytherin’s green is more likely to be depicted as a more “common” green in the movies. I like to think that members of the house would approve this decision.
  2. Blouse: The bell sleeves hide whatever potion or dagger or fluffy pink merchandise item that you’re embarassed of you’ve got in hand. The jabot hints nobility – not royal blood, more like the ones that draw the strings from behind the scenes. And black just for the contrast to white knight Gryffindor.
  3. Skirt: Something solid coloured that – again – could hide cheat slips, small portions of poison or whatever small thing might come in handy to make your way to the top – wether it might be the top of class or of society.
  4. Stockings: The pattern reminded me of a serpent’s scales. The stockings themselves are quite revealing without letting the legs seem naked, and add an mature charm to the outfit.
  5. Shoes: A pair of my dream shoes, I’ve got to admit. The velvet is again a symbol of class, the straps suggest fragility and Victorian elegance.
  6. Bag: The AatP book strap bag in black. To carry your forbidden knowledge and black mail. Or simply love letters to that Ravenclaw you’ve been crushing on since first year.
  7. Jewelery: The earrings are the official ones released by WB merchandise. The ring was an obvious choice, similar ones can be found at Claire’s at the moment, and I knew I had to use one like that on Slytherin. A bracelet in snake form would have been great, too. The feathered comb counts as jewelery, too. The colours were quite right, and a sturdier piece could also be used as a weapon, I guess.
  8. Others: The lace gloves were something I wanted to symbolise the distance most Slytherins keep, even amongst equals. Plus, they matched the tights. The scarf looks like a snake’s skin and was a nice break from the polished surface of the rest of the outfit.

Ravenclaw was the first outfit I made, and I wanted it to look more classic than the rest, a little bit old-fashioned, maybe, or oldschool.

  1. Coat: The same one as before, but in a very deep midnight blue.
  2. Dress: Ravenclaw is the only house to sport a onepiece. Nothing too fancy, no print, something that doesn’t take to long to put on but looks serious and sophisticated nevertheless. The blue of the dress is a lighter shade than the coat’s, for a little bit of variety.
  3. Stockings: My “third colour” for Ravenclaw – the original ones being blue and bronze – is champagne, here in shape of sheer silk stockings. Very classical again without looking too much like an old maid.
  4. Shoes: Boots again. They look like granny boots, in a very elaborate manner, and are unique enough to fit into the wizarding world.
  5. Bag: Another book bag, this time by Innocent World. As you can see I didn’t really use bronze anywhere in this coord, so I subsituted it with brown and antique gold/ brass.
  6. Jewelery: The small watch necklace at the upper left is something I’ve got myself. Time pieces seemed adequate for Ravenclaw, something precise and useful. The (nearly invisible) gold collier in the middle is a classic break from this usefulness, that I tought nice for the house, though.
  7. Others: The umbrella simply had the right colours, but it might be quite usefull, too, when you don’t want your precious books to become wet under the influence of Hogwarts weather. The cashmere scarf was another take on classic style, nothing too fancy but a remarkable piece, nevertheless. The brass instruments are a model of Kepler’s theory and a caleidoscope.

Last but not least: Hufflepuff. When the Scoundrel saw this picture, the first thing he said was “Wait, that’s you!”. Yes, I’m a Hufflepuff. Badger pride!

  1. Coat: This time in black. Nobody would wear a yellow coat, anyway, except oilskin.
  2. Blouse: White, again. The upper rows of buttons remind be of a chef’s uniform, and the ribbon around the neck can transform an outfit from serious to relaxed and back in a couple of seconds.
  3. Bodice: Simply blouse and skirt wouldn’t do for Hufflepuff, every time when I think about this house I think layers. And so I ended up with a black bodice, but I imagine the boys would wear corduroy or velvet waistcoats.
  4. Skirt and Dress: I couldn’t quite decide, so I took both. The skirt is Innocent World’s Antique Book, the dress is from Meta and I liked the cozyness of the ruffles and fabric buttons.
  5. Socks: AatP again, this time with grey and black stripes to match a badger’s fur.
  6. Shoes: I simply adore them. The’ve got low heels, rounded toes and a pretty ribbon for laces. The down-to-earth look seemed to fit Hufflepuff quite well, but of course the shoes had to be well made.
  7. Bag: A leather school bag, to hold lots of treats to share with friends, and of course school books and occasional other tools.
  8. Jewelery: For me, Hufflepuff yellow isn’t canary, but a little darker and more toned down, so amber seemed the best choice. The earrings are made of amber and the necklace at least is of amber colour. The headband is made of feathers that sport all colours that are present in the rest of the coord.
  9. Others: Huffelpuff’s scarf is in comparison with the others the most “common” but also the most sturdy  and practical-looking. It also has a certain “cozy” aspect, especially together with that soft beanie-like cap.

Now… which house is yours (if you don’t know or can’t decide, there are enough quizzes to take)?


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