What a strange Summer it is

I’m back from my trip to the very south of Germany (at least for me it’s the very south). It rained when we left, and it also rained when I arrived in Marburg again.

Last year, the only chance to get some cool air and to keep my room sufferable during the day was to have the window open all night (wich is very unnerving when you live in a district with several clubs and bars and pubs, especially on weekends and during the holidays) and keep hanging wet fabrics all over the chamber and even into the windows.

This year, it’s different. We had the hot part in April and some of May already, but now… we’ve got a lot of rain. Usually this occurs in autumn, but there were no hot days in weeks, and even nearly no sunshine.

The bad thing about this kind of summer is that I can’t just go down to the river to swim, that my freckles won’t increase and that I don’t really have an opportunity to wear my new shorts (but I wore them for a hiking trip with my mother).

The good thing is that there is less sweating, more wearing layers, more drinking hot tea and more curling up in my armchair, all things I expected to do in September at the earliest.


Any thoughts?

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