My Summer Holiday: Inside

There were two worlds for me during my journey into the Bavarian Forest. The first one, this one, was inside the hotel borders, completely with three pools, four-star-cuisine and a beautiful lush park outside.

The automatic doors in our hotel were beautifully decorated. Come in!
My first sweet treat.

A part of the restaurant. The last table in the row is ours.
Food. And it was always magnificent.
... especially the spiced spaghetti with giant shrimps.
Another restaurant part, close to the lounge. The chandelier was lovely, just as if it had grown out of some fairy's ballroom.

I spent hours here in the lounge, reading.

Switching pools from indoor to outdoor and reverse was awesome.

I really took a liking in this pavillion.
Another pavillion, hidden between the birch trees.

The sight from the window during lunch.

Reception room for the spa part of our hotel.
The lights look like sparkling stars to me...
Whirlpool footbaths. What a great invention.
A fantastic spigot, I wish I had something like this here at home!

Salt crystal wall of one of the several saunas. My favourite was the herbal sauna, as it wasn't just as hot as the others.
My beloved swimming pool. I called it the "Sisi Pool" as the wall painting reminded me of the Austrian empress. The ceiling is designed to look like a summer's sky, too.
Beautiful old-fashioned couches.
My last dessert.

Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of the candle light dinner from our fist evening. I’d love to go there again…


2 thoughts on “My Summer Holiday: Inside

    1. Ja, ich hab meiner Mutter auch schon gesagt, dass sie öfter mal eine Reise in ein Wellnesshotel gewinnen kann. ^^

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