Sartorial Saturday: Challenge Test Run

When Jules and I met before I went on my vacation, we both noticed that somewhere, sometime, something must have gone really, really wrong.
We both wore simple trousers and t-shirts and trainers, not much of accessoires and a somewhat puzzled countenance about all this, in short: Our clothing habits had become utterly boring.

This was, of course, an affair we could neither take lightly nor leave on its own. We needed something or someone to kick our rufflebutts to make us wear more interesting coords again, something that matched our personalities better than always jeans and t-shirt (there’s nothing wrong with jeans and t-shirt, don’t get me wrong, but it’s rather dull to wear them all the time, at least for me).

And thus we decided to add a weekly challenge to our lives: The SARTORIAL SATURDAY!

The idea behind it is to wear at least one interesting, well-planned and maybe even flamboyant outfit per week and to present this outfit on the next possible Saturday. Simple. The post is composed of a full body outfit shot, a rundown, an accessoire shot and additional other details, another rundown, and a posing or ambience shot. It’s my way to keep record of outfits, nothing unicersally valid.

Of course you’re cordially invited to join our Sartorial Saturday! If you do so, leave a link in the comments!

Jules isn’t able to post this week, so this is some kind of a test run. And now: My outfit!

It’s somewhere between Mori, Dolly and Gothic… I felt a little bit like a ghost wearing it.

Outfit Rundown:
– Dress: Xanaka, but altered by me
– Blouse: Promod
– Socks: H&M
– Shoes: Undercover combat boots, cut down

Accessory Rundown:
– Fork bracelet: artisan fair
– Shoelace ribbons: Rebella
– Key necklace: my basement
– Rocking horse pendant: I am
– Club stud/ silverbells earring: Bijou Brigitte/ selfmade
– Bag: thrifted
– Shoe charm (not in the picture): selfmade

That’s it for Sartorial Saturday, Episode 0. Comments are welcome! :)


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