Matching Monday: Delivery Witch

Yesterday was the first Porcelain Sunday of what I hope to become a series of Sundays devoted to Studio Ghibli pictures. But no more speeches, this is what the Kiki’s Delivery Service inspired outfit is made of:

  1. Dress and Blouse: In the movie Kiki complains more than once about her plain, black dress. Something more plain than this favourite JSK of mine by Metamorphose would do as well, if not better. Kiki’s dress also has very wide sleeves, so I chose long puff sleeves to have something that could flutter during a broomstick ride. The sheer fabric makes the combination a little more mature, but is pretty much optional.
  2. Headdress: Kiki wears something that looks suspiciously much like a head-eating bow. This bow also settles her second colour as it is bright red. I decided to go for dark red velvet Alice bow rather than something from fire engine-coloured cotton as the outfit is supposed to be inspired, not a cosplay. For a sweeter look a lighter red would be more appropriate, but I wanted something more classic, as the movie is set in a vintage Europe around the early 1960s. A simple ribbon would even be more alike the model, by the way, but Alice bows are easier to wear.
  3. Shoes: During the first half of the movie, Kiki spots a pair of ruby-red party shoes in a shop window but has not the money to buy them. Her own shoes seem to be something like rather sturdy ballerinas. I wanted to keep the down-to-earth tone but liked the thought to bring in the red again that was in the head bow. The beauties from the set are by Victorian Maiden, the red colour way of those I already used for Hufflepuff with the Harry Potter themed Monday.
  4. Jewelery: I wanted Jiji, Kiki’s black cat familiar, to be somewhere in the picture. Cat themed jewelery isn’t too hard to find, but I think self-made cat silhouette pendants or the like could be cute as well. The pocket watch is useful to keep an eye on time, something essential when you’ve got deliveries to make.
  5. Bag: Kiki herself has a bindle as her luggage when she leaves home. Of course this was too much as a handbag, so I reduced it to a Pompadour bag. This one is from Manufactum (originally to store jewelery) and made from black velvet which I see as a great addition to the headband again.
  6. Socks and Others: The socks were difficult, as Kiki doesn’t wear any in the movie. I think she does in the illustrations of the children’s book (which the move was made after), but I wanted to emphasize the film, anyway. I finally decided to use BtSsb diamond socks as striped ones were just not right for this witch, even though they are very common with this kind of people, usually. Black socks would also do, but I liked them better with a pattern. The teacup is an allusion to the mug Kiki buys for Jiji’s sake at her first visit at the grocery store (there’s a cat painted on the mug that looks like him. A.k.a. “is black”). The Jiji cushion is there for mere fun.

I would have loved to incorporate the delivery service logo somewhere, but I couldn’t find the right place.
This is by the way the right soundtrack for this outfit, my favourite song is no. 21.


Any thoughts?

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