Sartorial Saturday: Barnsteen

Welcome to the first official issue of Jules’ and my “Return to Welldressedville” challenge, the SARTORIAL SATURDAY (yes, capitals)!
I wear the following outfit as I am typing, so it’s a real deal Sartorial Saturday for me. Things have been quite busy here in our white little house at the edge of the world – there’s a deep, deep abyss only two steps from our front door at the moment, so it’s really like living at world’s end.

Steampunk Ero something, I guess…

Outfit Rundown:
– T-Shirt: Takko
– Bodice: Orsay (changed buttons)
– Shorts: Pimkie
– Tights: Probably Waschbär or a green woolen clothing shop
– Spats: self-made
– Shoes: cropped Undercover combat boots

"Hunt the Hare" buttons.

The accessoires are the reason for this Sartorial Saturday’s title, which is the Afrikaans name for Amber. Plus, the shorts had the right colour, too.

Accessoire Rundown:
– Amber sun stud: Waschbär
– Golden bell earring: self-made
– Fork bracelet: artisan fair
– Amber necklace: Renaissance fair
– Bag: Vintage (from my mother)
– Alice band (not in the picture): drug store

Today town was awfully crowded so that it took longer than usual to find a place to take pictures… but luckily the old Graveyard Park was empty as always.

Oh, and Jules joined me this week! You can see his outfit here.

And you’re still invited.


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