Another 30 Day Challenge

Back in the first poll I posted on this blog the results said that you wanted to see more of my drawings and art in general. I’ve been pondering over this a while as I want to draw more anyway, but didn’t know the right way to start again.

And then I found Meri’s drawing challenge.

You might remember the fun I had with the 30 day Lolita challenge, so this was quite the thing to maintain some discipline in my intent to get back to paper and pencil. Plus, I’ve got a scanner now.

The challenge starts today, and I hope I’m able to keep up with the schedule.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a look at Meri’s blog, Tentaclething! Her artwork is so cute!


2 thoughts on “Another 30 Day Challenge

  1. Hey :) I love that you attend the drawing meme :) I’m a bit lazy at the moment and so I didn’t draw for the challenge in a while… ^^
    And thank you for mentioning my blog here :) Thank you, I like your drawing of yourself too ^^

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