Today, I will draw… Myself

Day 1 of the 30 Days Drawing Challenge!

Don’t ask me about the trouble I had with this one (belive me when I say that the picture below was not the first try)… My hands felt as if they had been replaced and knew not what to do, and I felt horrible in consequence.

I like the rough pencil work better than the actual inked version as it looks more like me and is more my style than the final result:

The final version is the first time I drew my outlines with real indian ink and dip pen. It worked quite well, but still I’m not entirely pleased. But I’m working on that.

When I noticed that the paper absorbed too much of the water I use for my aquarelles (it looked quite like copic markers, but that is definitely not what I wanted) I decided to stop the colouring completely, hence the very… artsy outcome.

I dare say I’m a little frustrated with this result of day one. But gladly this challenge isn’t only to show off but also to work on my skills, so prepare for more art to come!


Any thoughts?

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