Tea Treats

As you may have noticed I’m not going to rush through the drawing challenge in 30 continuous days.

Instead of drawings of my favourite place and favourite food (I haven’t even decided yet!) I’ll present you some of my other projects today.

A coaster for my teapots. I use a teapot warmer most of the time, but I thought a coaster would be nice, too. No more tea stains on my tables! (Don’t get me wrong, tea stains can be charming, but not on my drawing table that I’ve got to keep as clean as possible for the paper, and on my other tables they just look messy.)

The fabric was a leftover from another never-finished project. I guess even I am influenced by the Alice Disney movie (the cartoon one, not that Burton thing) though I never watched it and so I came up with a Cheshire Cat-like creature for the stitching.

The back is made of black linen – sorry for the bad picture quality, it’s actually pitch black – and completely quilted, the inner layer being a piece of felt I had left. I did most of this coaster during my vacation in August.
No machines were hurt or used in the progress. ^^

The other thing I made for my tea board lately is a treats holder for loose tea bags. I’ve got plenty of them, from previous tea advent calendars, advertisements or packs with uneven numbers.

It’s the same linen as I used for the coaster, paired with an old cotton with an asian-looking print. I guess it’s some kind of costume material that my Grandmother bought some decades ago, and it used to be yellow, but I dyed it green for this part of the holder.

I used the original colour for the mostly unseen part and let the seams stay visible this time. This adds some stability and I thought it looked quite well with the chosen materials, too.

Look, the poll helped, this blog gets more arts & crafts! :)


Any thoughts?

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