New Old Things

As we were taking our old stuff to the flea market my mother told me to get another box full of china and other dinnerware from my grandmother’s sister. We couldn’t find everything a new home, but my great-aunt told us to keep as much as we wanted.

And now I’ve got some now dishes!

Aren’t those milk jugs the cutest? I kept the smallest one for Hollis and the largest for me, and my mother decided to take the rose-coloured. Which is pretty uncommon with her as she isn’t particularly fond of pink…

The mocha cups are heirlooms from my grandmother’s grandmother and incredibly fragile. I love hearing stories about the wonderful time my grandmother spent with this lady when she was a little girl.

It’s the most precious plate I got, isn’t it pretty? Luckily I just bought a cupcake recipe book, and this will be perfect for some presentation pictures. See the little glass enclosure at the rim? It only makes it more special to me.

Except the milk jugs the things are still back at my mother’s house as I didn’t want to risk them breaking when in my backpack on my way home.

So, with this milk jug, my tea set has grown a little! I’d say that I don’t really need my dinnerware to match perfectly as long as the colours and some of the style don’t look too awkward together. In my case that’s rounded shapes and off-shite and other rather natural or pastel colours. Butlers just released a new line of dishes, maybe I’ll have a closer look at them when I’m at Frankfurt or Cassel the next time.


Any thoughts?

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