10 Adorables in September

  1. The Silmarillion Deluxe Edition by Benjamin Harff. You can find pictures and an interview here.
  2. Telling the Bees, a darkly-crafted folk band from Oxford, UK. The artwork on their page is done by Rima Staines, by the way.
  3. Pirate Pad, my EtherPad of choice (What’s an EtherPad?) which I find incredibly useful. It’s used for the planning of two projects I’m doing with others and I even use it to keep an eye on my 10 Pleasures list to avoid reruns.
  4. The Importance of being Ernest by Oscar Wilde. It’s a wonderful comedy, not such a dull, tragical scenery porn like most of his other works. The 2002 picture is also great, featuring Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon (of whom I was most pleasantly surprised, I must admit).
  5. The Beginning of Autumn. The air is getting crisp and I need to take some sort of jacket outside. I love autumn in our fairy tale town!
  6. Windy by The Association. I first stumbled upon this song thanks to a Kiki’s Delivery Service fan video.
  7. 100 Years of Fashion (and Dance). And this is actually a commercial! I can’t decide which era I like best, but  it’s rather at the beginning than at the end.
  8. Ratatouille, both dish and Disney movie.
  9. Our new flat mate. The Satyr is moving to Wales for one semester and his room will be taken by a girl for this while. I’
    ve only seen her for ten minutes so far and don’t really know her yet (as she will move in in October), but I’m sure she’s nice!
  10. Mushrooms. I just bought a book to collect and classify mushrooms that grow here in Germany, less because I really want to go on a hunt but more because I simply like them in looks and concept. Of course they taste awesome, too!

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