Sartorial Saturday: Boston Steampunk

Boston because the flat cap reminds me of my favourite folk punk bands, and Steampunk because I think this is quite a nice step in the right direction for an everyday look of this style.

Again it’s a “real” Sartorial Saturday, but not really a planned outfit but simply what happened to be there when I got dressed. Actually, that’s pretty much what I want to achieve with this challenge, not having to plan out every detail of an outfit but just find it by looking into the closet!
The waistcoat and braces also share the houndstooth pattern, coincidentally.

Outfit Rundown:
– T-Shirt: Ann Christine
– Waistcoat: vintage (from some person related to me)
– Hoodie (pictured below): Coppelius merchandise
– Trousers: Orsay
– Shoes: cropped-off Undercover steel toes once again

Accessoires Rundown:
– Bag: thrifted
– Braces: H&M
– Earrings (club stud and silver creole): Bijou Brigitte
– Rocking Horse pendant: I am
– Flat cap: H&M
– Velvet hair ribbon (not pictured): handicraft shop

Location: An empty warehouse next to the end of the world.


Any thoughts?

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