Matching Monday: Jump onto the Catbus

My second Studio Ghibli coordinate! I mostly held onto Satsuki’s outfits for the inspiration as Totoro doesn’t wear clothes at all.

  1. Dress: Satsuki wears a light yellow sundress at a point in the movie, and I tried to find something plain and simple. This isn’t a dress one wouldn’t be too concerned about to go for a long walk or even a little hike (well, if it wasn’t by BtSsb, that is).
  2. Blouse: The dress in the film is worn without one as the summer the story takes place in is quite hot. But once again this isn’t a cosplay, so I threw in a simple-but-cute blouse with a small black ribbon, to add another colour. It’s still short-sleeved to keep the summer feeling.
  3. Shoes: I just noticed that I forgot the socks, but I imagine somthing frilly in yellow or white that goes just above the boots. The shoes are in no way related to the movie in their design or colours, but I thought they’d match the blouse and add something unexpected to the outfit.
  4. Hat: The whole famili wears broad-rimmed straw hats during the film. This one is made of felt but has the right shape and colour, so I didn’t mind.
  5. Jewelery: To go in the Totoro-themed jewelery box, too. The earrings show a Totoro picture and the hairclips have little Totoros, too. I thing one could also find necklaces with this cute creature or make some, but I went for a leather strap with leaf-shaped pendants on it to capture the nature theme of Miyazaki’s masterpiece.
  6. Backpack: I didn’t want a handbag here but instead chose a backpack for the aforementioned hike. The green matches the yellow of the dress very well and alos fits into the nature theme, too.

Any thoughts?

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