Sartorial Saturday: Fairly Teal

I never noticed how the colours of my Love Nadia skirt and the velvet bodice are the same hue in different intensities. The way how the somewhat wild and piraty bodice loosens the cute of the skirt is something that is very me, and I think there are more outfits to come that have this mood to them.

I actually missed wearing Lolita during the last summer, but I think it’s always getting better when the weather gets cooler. I also need a new petticoat, this one isn’t as poofy as it could be anymore. Oh, and I hate tights, I’m so definitely switching to stockings! Which is just another reason to sew some new bloomers. ^^

This picture is a little bit overexposed, sorry. For more "real" colours, please look at the picture at the end of the post.

Outfit Rundown:
– shirt: Promod
– bodice: probably some LARP shop
– skirt: Love Nadia by Bodyline
– tights: drugstore
– shoes: Danish Duckfeet

Accessoire Rundown:
– felt flower hair pin: handmade by Teli
– earrings (rose/ bug): Claire’s/ H&M
– pocket watch: Promod
– fork bracelet: artisan’s fair

In case you were wondering: Yes, the title of this post is a somewhat lame pun with fairy tale.


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