Preparations Again: Mad Hatter Day

October 6th is Mad Hatter Day!

I already wrote about it two years ago and completely left it out last year, but here we go again!
Here are some (old and new) ideas how to spend this holiday:

  1. Dress in rather unusual fashions (in normal standards) or at least something wonderland-related. Blazers and jackets could be nice, as well as knickerbockers, striped pants or victorianesque skirts (no problem here if you’re a Lolita). Speaking of stripes, this is the ideal day to mix any pattern you’d like. Have a look at the myriads of Mad Hatter interpretations made by artists from three centuries. Another point could be not to dress in neutral colours, at least not completely. Try to find accessoires that resemble something from the books, be it chess pieces, card suits, rabbits or caterpillars. Oh, or tiny tea dishes! Don’t forget your pocket watch.
  2. Drink tea. Bring out your favourite china and complete tea arsenal, make one cup of each and have a tea-testing session. Invite your friends and/ or favourite stuffed animals and dolls and have a tea party with fairy cakes, sandwiches and cake.
  3. Why not have a tea party in public? Get yourself a picnic blanket or sit down on park benches, in your school’s or university’s hall or your workplace’s cafeteria. Take your tea with you in a thermos flask and make a Wonderland-themed bentō with apple bunnies and card suit shaped sandwiches. Don’t forget the cake (as mentioned before) and take enough with you to offer some to a passer-by. Don’t bring your best teacups, go for something rather sturdy instead to prevent the breaking of china and hearts.
  4. Wear a hat! Obvious, isn’t it. Decorate it with a pretty piece of thick paper with the writing 10/6 in this style and maybe some needles and pins. If you don’t own one, make one. Which brings me to my last point:
  5. Make hats or headdresses. It’s Mad Hatter Day after all. Even if it’s only a paper hat, but you could also follow the many instructions for more fancy pieces. One of my favourites is the infamous Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter top hat from Threadbanger. My favourite German DIY community also has a wonderful tutorial for a tricorn. :)
    Small headpieces that look like tea cups or cake would be great, too, and why not go so far as to make a whole set of matching accessoires?

I hope you’ll enjoy your Mad Hatter day, and if you celebrate and make a blog post about it, leave me a comment with a link!


3 thoughts on “Preparations Again: Mad Hatter Day

    1. Oh, you’ll find a hat in time for sure! :)
      And of course I’d love to see pictures of your outfit if you bring up something special. ^^

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