Sartorial Saturday: Mad Hatter Day

Of course it’s Mad Hatter Day.

Yes, I know my petticoat is showing (It ripped, I fear. Again.). I didn't know then, though...

Outfit Rundown:
– tricorn hat: Ludwigsburg palace souvenir shop
– blouse: H&M
– T-shirt: self-made
– skirt: self-made
– tights: green clothing shop
– lacy socks: H&M
– shoes: Danish Duckfeet

Accessoires Rundown:
– umbrella (see outfit picture): Lisbeth Dahl
– rocking horse necklace: I am
– club stud/ teapot earring: Bijou Brigitte/ Claire’s
– hair ribbon (see below): self-made with Coppelius button
– fork bracelet (not pictured): artisan’s fair

Thanks to Imp for taking these pictures! :)


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