10 Adorables in October

Awesome pumpkin amigurumi by Teli
  1. Listography, a program that distracts my to-do and other lists from the tag app on my desktop (which made the computer notably slower when overly used). It also generates possible list titles for you, it’s quite like blogging for the lazy when it comes to writing. You can find my listography here, and I’d love to see yours if you’ve got or make one!
  2. The magic button, to be pressed here.
  3. Mrs Winchester by Dog Ears, a dark, quiet folk song about the haunted house of Sarah Winchester. You can listen to it here.
  4. M.C. Escher. I bought a note book with an Escher design lately, and my father used to have an artbook next to the armchair when I still lived at his place.
  5. Drop Dead Cute. A very, very sweet blog, beware of toothache! Kawaii for Sexy Ladies.
  6. Acorns. I found one that was perfect, without any flaws or crackles, exact the colour of my hair… and then Nocker bit it. I’ve got no clue why he did that, but when I picked it up again during our last P&P session, it had bite marks on it.
  7. Schokoküsse / Chocolate Kisses. I was a bit baffled that there is actually no real English word for it, but I don’t care. I was never allowed to have some when I was little, but grown rather fond of them  during the last week (it wasn’t the first time, though).
  8. Little Twin Stars. I don’t know what it is with me and kawaii stuff lately (yes, I could say “cute” or “sweet”, but that doesn’t capture it). I bought some reflectors with Little Twin Stars motives at H&M last week to put onto my “I’m such a serious student of archeology and don’t like pretty and girly and sparkly things ’cause that would be weak and childish” (that’s such bullshit, but actually the kind of people I’m dealing with most of the time there) bag when university starts again.
    To make things clear, I still don’t like Hello Kitty.
  9. Pumpkins. Of course pumpkins! Sadly the people I have dinner with usually don’t like pumpkin everything, but maybe I’ll find a way to try some recipes anyway. LaForcenée has some nice ones (in German) in one of her recent posts, and of course there will be some kind of Jack O’Lantern for me, too!
  10. Portal. Yes, the game. I’m horrible at jump-‘n-runs, but I play them anyway. And I dare say I could perform worse. I’m not completely done with part 1 yet, but am really looking forward to part 2 already (And I love the turrets. They are so cute! Lethal, but cute.). Isn’t the credits song catchy (and make sure to listen to the second as well)?

Sorry for the outburst in 8., but I have to get this off my chest once in a while.


Any thoughts?

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