30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – Day 3

3- Have you ever lived in a rural environment? If you have, do you think it influenced your mori-ness? If you never have,  do you think living in a suburban or urban environment influenced your style any?

I’ve tried both, and both environments had a certain influence on my style developement and thus also on my mori-ness. Spending my childhood in a house at the edge of fields and woods opened my eyes for the very beauty of nature, of the opportunities it gives to breathe and retreat. It also made me use autumn leaves’ wreaths for crowns and acorns for earrings.
The city where I spent my last teen years in contrary showed me that I need this form of social, modern jungle, too. It’s a different kind of breathing. I don’t think I’d appreciate nature less if I wasn’t such a self-made city child, but it certainly helps. A city is a kind of forest of its own, so there is no way that Mori couldn’t originate from there, just like the country isn’t likely to make everyone who lives there a moss daughter.

Living in the city also made my style a little tougher and actually more practical. In a place with lots of people of every kind you need to be stronger, less vulnerable – at least on the outside – and have more self-esteem. My years there influenced not only my clothing but also my attitude, the way I walk and my ability to behave in large public places, especially when I’m on my own.

I love finding little oases of green between high concrete walls, I love admiring old town houses and watching the people hurry by. But I also love to retreat at my mother’s house in the Shire and wander the hills where I spent my wonderful childhood.

I made you a list of examples of influences these environments had on my style decision below:

Country influences:
– flimsy fabrics
– light colours
– accessories from nature finds
– feathers in my braids
– flower prints
– moccasin boots
– rain boots
– short pants
– woolen sweaters
– soft berets
– head scarves
– linen
– Vintage

City influences:
– heavy steel toed boots
– black flare trousers
– open short coats
– deep non-metal influenced black
– heavy fabrics
– Lolita
– dark lipstick
– smaller bags than a backpack
Danish Duckfeet shoes
– bodices
– high-collar blouses
– Alice bands


Any thoughts?

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