Sartorial Sunday: One Day Late

Due to this week’s schedule I’m a little late with my weekly feature. I had to take the photos today as I left in a hurry and returned when it was already dark when I wore this outfit on several occasions. But the alliteration stays, so that’s okay.

This is an outfit I actually wore twice this week (and today), the first time to the fan meet-up with Steampunk author Gail Carriger of Parasol Protectorate fame (more about this great book series in a post of its own) on Tuesday and a second one for the book fair convention yesterday.

Outfit Rundown:
– blouse: once-upon-a-time H&M
– bodice: probably some LARP shop
– trousers: Takko, altered by me
– shoes: cropped-off Undercover steel toes
– coat: Pimkie (changed buttons)
– scarf: handed down
– fingerless gloves (unseen): local shepherd

Accessoires Rundown:
– watch pendant: Promod
– bell earring/ acorn stud: self-made/ Accessorize
– hair clips: H&M

close-up of the clock face appliqués on my trousers

This is pretty much the city look I wrote about in my last post, and I love it. It’s quite influenced by my time in Frankfurt, but picturesque and playful enough for Marburg, too. When I wear something like this I feel like nothing in the world can stop me. I feel savvy, good-looking (rather than pretty), strong, I’ll-get-my-will-and-you-know-it like. I guess the biggest part of this awesome feeling comes from trousers and coat, the trousers make my legs appear quite long (and I’ve been assured that my back looks quite good in them, too) – just like my Savate sports trousers -, and the coat has something rather professional about it, as if it were a little (and more practical) sibling to the expensive woolen coats all the business people in my old city wear (I wear my coats open most of the time, I guess I just like the dramatic effect of them swinging).

I also think that this last part will become a regular part of the Sartorial Saturday, it’s just such an interesting thing how different outfits can make us feel like different persons, or parts of our personalities, at least.


3 thoughts on “Sartorial Sunday: One Day Late

    1. Bei der Buchmesse war ich ja (leider) gar nicht. Nur beim Buchmesse Convent, also der Nerd-Versammlung, die den Deutschen Science Fiction bzw. Phantasik Preis (ja, mit Leerzeichen) verleiht. Ist zwar auch nett, aber nächstes Jahr wird’s definitiv zusätzlich noch die Buchmesse.

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