Preparations Again: Halloween

Primaly I wanted to split the Halloween preparations post for this year into several parts, each dealing with another way to celebrate this holiday. But now there’s only one week left and I don’t want to push and force things, so this concept will have to wait until next year.

Instead I’ll bring the anticipation for October 31st to you through the medium of…

… Computer Games!

Indeed. And this is only the first part. A second one will follow (but rather in the form of a Cute Games issue)!

First of all I’ll have to admit that I’m a little bit of a browser game addict. Not really a severe case, but I truly like my daily dose of Poupée Girl.* One of the greatest things with these pretty, well-designed flash-based games are the “events” that turn up with every larger holiday (in the case of Poupée Girl not only western, but also Japanese ones).

Long story short, one of these holidays is traditionally Halloween, and here we go with some of the awesome gadgets, outfits and objects the creators of my major waste of time (just kidding) made for it.**

Halloween background without Halloween items

Poupée doesn’t only host the aforementioned events through special items but also changes the background for most of them. While this is quite nice, the really interesting part is what happens when your doll wears something from the event collection.

Halloween background with Halloween items

I really can’t decide what I love most about this room design. Probably the interesting pattern mix from bed and floor, but the patched Sally Ragdoll-like rocking horse is awfully cute, too.

Sometimes they also launch very small items that trigger another “special” background. This year on Halloween it’s bracelets, optionally with ghosts, pumpkins or black cats.

special background

They even animate these backgrounds:

special background with some alterations. spot the differences. ;)

In this picture you can also see my favourite clothing items from this event. One thing I appreciate very much in flash games with vector graphics is the amount of details one can zoom into.

hat from the "room" outfit

And once again I wish I had these clothes in real life.

Aaaaw, and the stockings!

detail: ragdoll hair bow

I’m actually thinking about replicating this bow for myself, maybe a little bit smaller, but esentially a look-alike. I only need a solution for the needle, I don’t think I want this near my hair, at least not this pointy.

detail: dress and apron neckline

The hue of the dress is awesome, there should be so many more Lolita dresses in this colour!

awesome apron detail.

* I do realise that most of my readers might actually know these pictures already because they play Poupée Girl themselves. If you do, feel free to add me, this is where my doll lives.
** Also, please note that this post is by no means an advertisement and that I write this out of mere enthusiasm for what I think is cute design.


3 thoughts on “Preparations Again: Halloween

  1. I haven’t played Poupee Girl for a while but have returned just some days ago.. and I totally love that green Halloween dress!! I started wondering immediately if I could sew myself something like this.. <3 it's so pretty!

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