Sartorial Saturday: 20s meets Mori meets Me

Well, it’s not particularly 20s, but the dress from today’s outfit is the one I also wore to the Bohème Sauvage last May. It’s also not particularly mori, either, but the accessoires qualify. The combination and rest of the outfit is simply me.

Outfit Rundown:
– bodice: Orsay
– dress: Promod
– longsleeve: H&M
– tights: drugstore
– socks: presumably some relative
– shoes: cropped-off Undercover steel toes

I just couldn't get those colours right... Actually the red is much darker and less pink...

Accessoires Rundown:
– cap: artisan’s fair
– fork bracelet: artisan’s fair
– earrings: Bijou Brigitte
– necklace: handed down from my mother
– gloves (not in the pictures): Waschbär (they were dark red, to match the cap)

I look a little bit more tired than usual in this picture, please excuse that. My sleep hasn’t been exactly fitful, but I’m still in my holidays rhythm, so I stay up a little too long and have to rise for university rather early nevertheless. Most of the time this works quite well, but on weekends it shows a little. ^^


Any thoughts?

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