30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 8

8- what is your favorite type of plant life? whether it be tree, bush, flower, fruit or vegetable? why is it so special to you?

Oh, it’s too hard to decide as I like them all. There are trees that I can climb, I have an especially weak point for oaks. Their leaves and fruit are so pretty! And there’s a birch tree in the yard of the café right across the street which I can watch all year long, from bare twigs to newborn leaves to flaming red to snow-covered and sole branches again. Also, my favourite spots at the river are all related to trees, and there is one that’s really special, as you can sit on a broad branch right above the weir and watch the water flow and roar.
I love bushes for their flowers and berries, but maybe for the berries a little bit more. And my favourite flowers are wild roses, which grow on bushes, too. Not that I don’t love other flowers too, I’ve got a thing for nettles and things that grow unnoticed by most. On one of the steep stairs through my fairy tale town is a tiny spot in the wall that surrounds it where tiny blossoms decorate the grey stone, they always cheer me up. Oh, and I love non-blue bindweed nearly as much as wild roses.
And fruit and vegetables are edible, of course I adore them! I think my favourites are berries and citrus fruit at the fruit side and anything related to pumpkins on the vegetable side. And pumpkins not only for wonderful Jack O’Lanterns, but also zucchini – my grandmother makes a wonderful zucchini stew and I really miss my mother’s zucchini cake, too. And they bloom very prettily, too, and that’s the point where we are with the flowers again.


One thought on “30 Questions Mori Girl Challenge – 8

  1. Your Mori Girl posts (especially when you talk about nature like with this one) always inspire me and make me want to done similar clothes.. ♥ maybe I should try to add more mori-esque clothes to my wardrobe too, i think it would work very fine with what’s already there~

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