Moss and Brass – Mori Accessoires Shopping

Jules and I haven’t done much together lately. Which actually means the last six months. We’re both very busy with school and as he’s in a long-distance relationship he visits his prince charming rather than me when in Marburg. Which is quite understandable, but also a little bit irksome.

Anyway, we decided to do something about this, and so we didn’t only spend the Saturday together, but also went shopping in Frankfurt the day before. The title of this post refers to the colours that are found most often in my recent Friday purchases.

Spherical earrings with a little *bling*. I really like the shape and the small ornaments, and I’ll definitely wear them for Christmas (well, according to my habits, I’ll wear only one of them). ^^

One can never call enough lockets their own. I think I’ll put old pictures of my grandparents in there… they’ll always be with me that way.
It has something a little bit Art Nouveau to it, and I think the little birds are adorable. Plus, I love enamel, even though it’s a little more blue than in reality, actually it’s some kind of mint green.

Socks with 13% Angora wool. They are sooo soft! Black is a colour I always need new things in, and the red is perfectly rose-hip-ish.

I don’t buy make-up that often, but I thought I could use some variety, after all… There are two colours of nail polish, one dark taupe as a basic and one very, very glittery for fancier days. The little box is H&M’s Sweet Chai eau de toilette, and I fear I bought it more for the great design’s sake (Art Nouveau again!) than for the scent, which is also very nice. The last piece in this picture is a four-colours eye shadow palette with very earthy tones that are great for a restrained Mori Girl or Classic Lolita make-up.

Another necklace, again with the problem that the photo doesn’t reflect the green tint of the stone right. Again, there’s a little Art Nouveau influence, and I love the amount of chains.

Again, not really the right colour. It’s a deep, dusty moss green, and maybe I’ll catch the right tint one day. What this is? It’s a short feather scarf, a real piece for the soul when I’m not well (touching something soft actually helps). I think it’ll look great with Mori or Dolly Kei…

The last piece is a piece I’ll most likely wear to a Bohéme Sauvage some day. It just looks like something right from the twenties, rather Mary Pickford’s than Clara Bow’s taste (again, the picture is a little too blue-ish. *sigh*).


6 thoughts on “Moss and Brass – Mori Accessoires Shopping

  1. Mit dir würde ich glaube ich auch gerne mal in Frankfurt shoppen gehen. Das wäre sicher mal was ganz anderes, weil du nach komplett anderen Sachen suchst, als die Leute, mit denen ich sonst unterwegs bin. ^^
    Der Federschal sieht flauschig aus. :3

    1. Ohne bestimmte Ordnung:
      1. Mega-Flauschig. ^^
      2. Coooool, du liest meinen Blog!
      3. Klar, sag mir ein Datum, und ich sag dir, ob ich kann (so ab Dezember könnte ich wieder… ^^). Vielleicht komm ich dann auch mal in andere Läden als die auf der Zeil… :D

  2. Am 2. Dezember ist mein letzter Schultag.
    Danach habe ich theoretisch Zeit bis zum 15., am 16. geht mein Flieger nach Paris. Ausgegebenes Geld wieder reinverdienen. ^^

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