10 Adorables in November

A whole week of not posting! That’s rather rare with me, isn’t it? University wanted most of my time, but now there’s only one more presentation and I’m done for 2011. The picture above was taken on my way to lunch break from uni, by the way, and I had to put it in in this size, to show you all the splendor.

  1. Urban Threads. They have some awesome designs and I’m quite tempted to buy some of them for Jules (who actually has an embroidery machine) to bribe him into making me equally awesome patches.
  2. Dry Leaves that rustle when I walk through my fairy tale town. They make rising early and going to uni so much more rewarding!
  3. SketchUp! We are supposed to use this for university to display a 3D view of very early temples, but when Imp taught me how to work with it I used it to plan some changes for my room, too.
  4. Clementines and Mandarines. I try to substitute most of my sweets with them at the moment.
  5. Blythe. I always had a weak spot for dolls, an even weaker spot for posables and even thouh they are kind of creepy, I do develop one for Blythe, too.
  6. Silhouettes and alike paper cuts. Miss Lumpy shared some fake lashes made of scherenschnitt paper lately, and I admire the artists that were or are able to producesuch wonderfully detailed pictures. Actually, I plan on making some silhouettes myself, but as many of my projekts, it’s just another part of the pile. *sigh*
  7. The Cold. I love it when I can see my breath in the morning and snuggle up with woolen socks and Scoundrel’s hoodie and a book and hot cocoa in the evening.
  8. The *Plopp* of the breaking vacuum seal when I open a new jar of my favourite pesto.
  9. Fog. It’s hanging all over town, in hedges and trees and on the tips of the roof tops. Some mornings it’s so much that even the other side of the street seems a little blurry.
  10. OMG that dress!, a wonderful tumblr showing the most beautiful, remarkable dresses from the last five centuries.

2 thoughts on “10 Adorables in November

  1. Schön, dass du dem Wetter so viel abgewinnen kannst. ^^
    Bei mir sorgt dass dafür, dass ich abends (bzw. schon spät nachmittags) nicht mehr rausgehen mag, um fünf Uhr schon totmüde bin und überhaupt. ;)

    1. Och, irgendwie mag ich das… aber ich glaub, du musst auch ‘ne Ecke früher raus als ich. Vielleicht sollte ich mal einen Eintrag zum Thema “Winter toll finden” machen. ^^

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