Daring Deeds – Résumé

notes for the new list

Well, today is the 22nd day of November and so the deadline for my daring deeds expires tonight. This here is a little conclusion about these goals. I did 50 of 101, that’s nearly 50%! I’m sure I could do even better, my new list is already there.
P.S.: I also linked back to posts that covered a Daring Deed so you can see some parts of the progress again!

  1. Build a doll with sculpey (or similar material) or wooden head and limbs. Not done, but made it into the new list.
  2. Sew a bustle dress. Not done either. I just didn’t dare to try and maybe ruin the fabric I had for it!
  3. Sew a corset. Weeell, I got the material… but didn’t sew it. Yet. Another point for another list.
  4. Get a new MP3 player and decent new head phones. Finally something I did!
  5. Take French lessons or do my Latin certificate. As if. But I’m still trying!
  6. Go to university.
  7. Build an everyday Steampunk wardrobe (at least 15 pieces). 10 of 15 pieces isn’t too bad. Of course I’ll continiue this, but rather not in the list.
  8. Finish drawing a chapter of Splinterworld. Sadly, I failed in this.
  9. Do the 100 theme challenge on DeviantArt for Splinterworld. I just draw too little!
  10. Don’t leave the house without a hat or headpiece for two weeks. I certainly tried! But then there were these little occasions like going outside to buy groceries on which I forgot the hat, and therefore… no.
  11. Learn crochet. Teli taught me.
  12. Loose 5 kilos of weight.
  13. Sew a ten-piece doll wardrobe (best case for the doll mentioned above). No doll, no clothes.
  14. Build a bed. It already collapsed again after two years of good use. It was time for a change, anyway, as this bed belonged to another era of my life, so I wasn’t too devastated.
  15. Draw 10 portraits of real persons and colour them (the portraits, not the people).
  16. Learn to play another instrument or at least try it. Tin whistle and harp.
  17. Go to bed before midnight for a month (weekends excepted). Such a great experience! I should definitely do this again!
  18. Go on a holiday. Done just last summer!
  19. Start my own web comic. No. But besides Splinterworld I’ve already a new project together with Imp. Maybe we can pull it off during the new year!
  20. Manage at least one pull-up. No, but I feel rather well with my body, though.
  21. Draw and colour a picture (full body with or without additional portrait) of each Pen & Paper RPG character of mine. I just started out with my Pathfinder cleric, so I guess that’s another “next list” project.
  22. Take part in a tournament. I’ve actually been to the Savate German Championship. Didn’t win, but it was an awesome experience, though.
  23. Sew at least 2 pyjamas or nightgowns. Still planning. I had one nearly finished, but then noticed that it didn’t fit me anymore… ^^
  24. Arrange a Steampunk LARP.
  25. Finish a written story.
  26. Sew at least 3 everyday dresses or skirts for myself. One of three isn’t the result I wanted, but I’m trying.
  27. Go to a ball. The Bohème Sauvage counts.
  28. Buy 10 nice teas for tea parties.
  29. Go outside for one hour a day for at least a month. I’m a little ashamed to confess I didn’t do that. I guess that’s another point…
  30. Sell something handmade.
  31. Paint a picture in oil. Though I accidentally used oil colour for my Latin folder instead of acrylics…
  32. Go to a museum at least 12 times. 8/12 aren’t so bad, but more would have been better.
  33. Create a herbarium or at least start by glueing dried plants into a special notebook.
  34. Go swimming at least 7 times.
  35. Design my own mouse pad. I covered my desk with velvet foil again (I ripped of the old one during a rather rebellious phase), now it’s a giant mousepad. ^^
  36. Build a lampion chain with egg cardboard or another lamp. Check.
  37. Practise with my harp every day for two weeks for half an hour at least.
  38. Grow a little herb garden on the window sill or a decent one in the garden. And I was so close to it!
  39. Make a Greenlesque motif and t-shirt.
  40. Get a nice pair of goggles.
  41. Go climbing.
  42. Buy a DVD. More than one, actually!
  43. Get 1 kilo of wool and spin it. Recently I got some wool from Teli and now I’ve got about half a kilo, but it’s not even half spun yet. But actually, what would I want with so much wool? O.o
  44. Write a children’s story/ book and illustrate it. No. But Scoundrel and I are considering some educational ones about culture and social studies and archeology.
  45. Sew a dragon coat or a justaucorps. I failed this one, but I still want a justaucorps.
  46. Build three LARP weapons or mod three nerf guns. Well, at least I started sanding two guns…
  47. Wear a planned outfit at least once a week for two month and draw it. I established my Sartorial Saturday, so, well, yes!
  48. Buy three pairs of nice tights.
  49. Have a princess day once a month.
  50. Cook or bake something unknown once a month for a year. I had so much fun doing that, I’d definitely make this a point in the new list!
  51. Visit an antiques & oddities market. I even sold some of my old stuff.
  52. Take part in NaNoWriMo successfully or at least write a 50.000 word story. I tried it. But if you take two NaNoWriMos and No. 25 of this list in account, maybe writing just isn’t for me… (and I take this better than I tought I would)
  53. Have a Lolita photo session and post a picture on Dunkelsüß.
  54. Make candles.
  55. Knit or weave a scarv. Check. It isn’t the prettiest, but I like it anyway. And I’m already fancying a new one…
  56. Refresh my knitting skills. Via the scarf above.
  57. Build a terminal for my laptop and scanner.
  58. Have a course guidance.
  59. Try onion dye. Not yet, but my onion peel collection grows every minute… kind of.
  60. Draw at least one chapter of a Steampunk comic. Again, this connects with Imp’s and my project. Maybe next time!
  61. Get my hair tips cut. Twice, even.
  62. Make a to-read classics list and read at least 50% of it.
  63. Build an acceptable make-up kit. If someone had told fifteen-year-old me I’d own such amounts of make-up one day, I would have declared them downright bonkers, but alas…
  64. Build a sports wardrobe.
  65. Get a tea service for a tea for at least four. Got: Teapot, milk jug. I’m still yearning for some pretty cups, but I didn’t happen to find some that matched my teapot yet.
  66. Make soap. Still not done. But I got some pretty molds, in case I’ll ever do it!
  67. Get an old book on behavior.
  68. Learn 15 cool quotes by heart. Not really. I think quotes are not really something I remember well, and actually, I don’t use them, anyway.
  69. Buy a hat. More than one!
  70. Refresh my dancing skills. I even learned some Charleston.
  71. Sew a new set of renaissance fair/ fantasy LARP clothes. Another “still planning”.
  72. Buy a Lolita dress or skirt.
  73. Sew a classic Lolita dress.
  74. Buy 10 not-second-hand-or-school-related books.
  75. Get a proper morning robe or equal piece. I’ve got a wonderful home-dress from Lilibeth and my beloved old kimono that I just had to remember.
  76. Go ice skating. Jules, we’ve got to do this this winter!
  77. Eat no pasta for a month.
  78. Learn 10 amusing facts about Prussian and Victorian history. But: 7/10 (1. Cartier sold bejeweled gold heroin syringes; 2. The Victorian basically invented all sex toys we know today; 3. Lesbian relationships were widely tolerated; 4. Queen Victoria liked her tea better with whiskey than sugar; 5. “Freaks” were quite celebrated members of society; 6. … and later called themselves “prodigies” instead. People were fine with it; 7. The term for men who had “affairs” with other men was Uranians)
  79. Sew my graduation dress. See here.
  80. Sew two aprons – one for every day, one for cooking.
  81. Make bathing bombs.
  82. Buy a Steiff Teddy bear. My darling Hollis.
  83. Take part in two more swaps on NuS. Definitely more than two (hats, lucky packs, T-shirts and skirts and books, just to name a few). Actually, I’m in another one right now!
  84. Start my own lolita/ princess/ non cynical blog. Here we are! Actually, this is the blog I kept for the longest time, and I’ve got no intention to change this.
  85. Write two songs.
  86. Have a photoshoot in my LARP or renaissance fair clothes.
  87. Go to the theatre. Movie theatres count, too. One has to make to make allowances.
  88. Get new colours for my aquarelle paint-box. Here.
  89. Get my glasses fixed or new glasses. And here.
  90. Get some nice batminton equipment.
  91. Learn 10 flower fairies by heart.Rose Hip, Elder Flower, Rose, make that 3/10 (I thought there were more… I’ll keep learning).
  92. Build a doll-house or at least refurbish the old one. Next list I’ll do this, next list I’ll do this…
  93. Gather enough book bionding material and tools to be able to do smaller things at home.
  94. Alter and paint 10 t-shirts for myself. I only did 5, but at least I made some T-shirts for others, too.
  95. Make “nature’s child” jewelery with pendants that look like arcorns or mushrooms.
  96. Do embroidery on at least 4 pieces of everyday clothing for myself.
  97. Sew at least two headdresses. I’m devastated. And not so sure if old-school headdresses look so good on me…
  98. Grow horns. I meant ones from sculpy, of course. But sadly, no.
  99. Watch “Aristocats”. This was an easy one. ^^
  100. Learn to play the “Velvet Paws Suite” on piano. Alternatively, “Nyan Cat”. I still got the sheet music…
  101. Try marmalade. Not the most awesome experience ever, but not so horrible, either.

3 thoughts on “Daring Deeds – Résumé

  1. Immerhin hast du 50% geschafft. :) Die Idee ist übrigens super. Ich hab mir jetzt auch eine solche Liste erstellt und versuche fleissig, sie abzuhacken.

    1. Danke! :)
      Du hast dir aber auch ganz schön was vorgenommen… Ich drück dir natürlich alle verfügbaren Daumen, dass du deine Ziele erreichst!

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