Folk Record Cover Art – Photo Shoot

As I showed you the pictures I took of Jules before, here’s the vice versa now. When we went through the photographs afterwards we both were struck with the idea that they would make perfect art for a folk-singer-songwriter-something record. Vinyl, at best, and probably something between Loreena McKennitt and Black 47 and a little bit of folk-inspired punk, overall rather 90s I guess. It would be a challenging project, after all.

for Jolly: chair without context again :)

I think I like the last three best, and the very last one would be the cover picture for the record if I made one. But – I dare say – all of the pictures turned out really good, and some of them even made it into Jules’ portfolio for his application for fashion design studies.

I really love and appreciate working with my best friend and am so looking forward to our next session!


3 thoughts on “Folk Record Cover Art – Photo Shoot

  1. Ich kann wollmaus nur zustimmen: Du bist so hübsch!
    Besonders schön finde ich das erste und das letzte Bild. Beim ersten sieht man deine Kleidung so schön. Außerdem sind Bilder zwischen Bäumen immer klasse. ;)
    Beim letzten gefallen mir Farben, Licht und Bildschnitt sehr.


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